How to recharge Vietnam mobiles, send e-cards and other ways to support from abroad

Say a personal good morning on Facebook

Write a personal message to say good morning. It’s the simplest way to show someone you care and think about them. If Facebook is the eden’s garden for you, then that’s the way. It could be a word play about things you like, or a joke to bring out a smile before breakfast, or some hot news. Go by your instinct, it’s probably the best choice.

Send mobile credit

Gift no.1 on the list of most loved general use items: mobile credit. It never fails in a world of technology and communication. Since more people in today’s world use a mobile phone rather than a bathtub, mobile credit meets all tastes and life-styles, on all continents, all social strata. The idea to recharge Vietnam mobiles seems a good one, right?

You can easily top up a mobile in Vietnam on , in less than 1 minute. The website hosts regular promotions that help you get a Bonus when you recharge Vietnam mobiles.

You can make the order online, and no matter what country you are in, the amount is sent instantly to Vietnam. On you can recharge Vietnam mobiles pertaining to: Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone, S-Fone, Gmobile, etc.

Click “Send” for online birthday cards

Welcome your relatives with an animated Happy Birthday on the famous day! E-cards are easy to send and really creative and funny. There are online tools like offering free e-cards. If you need a video featuring your sister herself or your uncle, then you should go for, or similar resources.

But if you want something really touching, a traditional paper card with your handwriting on would be real heartfelt surprise.

Mail a package with local goodies

All goodies in a box, destination address tagged on. You have several options.

Call DHL and ask them to pick up your package and deliver it to Vietnam. Or, for a lower rate, you can try the Postal Service; the local post office in USA requires you pay the fees and the insurance. You may also consider someone who is going to Saigon or Hanoi and ask them if they would bring it over and call him/her when they arrive; but will your friend need to come out of pocket for major money? seems to be another option according to some Vietnamese expats on Another option is  to contact Vietnamese agents in US to send packages, money, gifts and even flowers to Vietnam. For money transfer seems to be a secure option.

Buy them a local holiday

The most daring of all, but not impossible. Of course, you need to check the online offers of Travel Agents in Vietnam, your folks’ time availability, your budget. Most Travel Agents accept online contracts and payment, so there is no limitation from that perspective.

In the end it would make a surprise to remember for life. Especially if you know traveling is top of your relatives wishes or if they haven’t had the chance to play the tourists too much.

After all…

The simplest… Sending mobile credit.

If you don’t feel like improvising or getting into your creative mood early in the morning or in front of the e-card, recharge Vietnam mobiles in less than 1 minute on

Too much hassle for the package full of goodies? Then, send credit to a mobile in Vietnam in front of your PC, or even on the go, from your smartphone.

Is a holiday too expensive? Then top up a mobile in Vietnam with the amount that fits your budget, between $5.35 and $26.75.