Top 10 things that expats on Facebook LIKE

Expats on Facebook

We all reach some point when we get more and more curious about people we find ourselves close to. Whether we have common interests or we are geographically closed, getting curious is part of our nature. So, we took few minutes to go over what you, as fans, like. We didn’t look into your […]

Before & After moving abroad

Before & After moving abroad

Moving abroad is mainly an evolutionary movement outside our comfort zone. But the results are in most cases spectacular in terms of personal development. That’s the whole point in the first place, right? It’s then time to remember the reasons why we moved to another country, the mood we had before starting to pack. It’s […]

3 great News for Cubans abroad

Cubans abroad

When was the last time you got three good news at a time? Can you remember the feeling? If you’re a Cuban away from mother Cuba or just curious what’s happening in the world, let’s see what 3 great news we’ve got. First, Cubans abroad have 1 DAY LEFT, February 26, to add a Cubacel Special Bonus […]