5 Halloween moments you can’t experience the rest of the year!


We took a deep Darth Vader breath and dive into Halloween possibilities. Here are the 5 unique experiences you can only get on Halloween. Halloween… Does it have any meaning whatsoever? What’s behind the curtain? Did you ever think about the advantages of Halloween upon your personality and life? We planned to make a list because […]

Mr. Sailor’s story, or the challenges of traveling for a living

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Traveling makes things both beautiful and strange. “Beautiful” because you get to know new territories and meet new people, sometimes even touch wilderness and freedom. And “strange” because it takes you off the mainstream path most people live. Getting off road, metaphorically speaking, puts you in the situation of not doing what most people do. […]

How to help your parents save time & money by sending them mobile credit online


  It’s natural somehow! Unless we’re older or far away, we don’t grasp the real connection we have with our parents, and their value in our personal history. What they really mean and what they’ve done to us… and that’s in a good way.  There’s a time when distance changes perspective. And support from a grown-up daughter […]