The beginning: World Top Up Day 2015

If you missed the launching of Apollo 11 and the first human steps on the moon, don’t miss this day. World Top Up Day 2015 is the first time that anyone celebrated top-up givers worldwide for their generosity and kind heart, as well as the power of giving unconditionally out of compassion, love or friendship.”

Here’s how the first International celebration of Givers and Top Up Givers started! In 2015, MobileRecharge team decided it was time to make public a finding about Expats. Thousands of them were making regular mobile top ups for family members and friends back home without being noticed for their generosity.

Someone needed to come out and give them a big hand. Why not us, the MobileRecharge team, who have been serving these silent givers for more than 10 years?

So, on November 10, 2015, we celebrated World Top Up Day together with thousands of expats worldwide, for the first time in history. Taaa daaa!

Givers aka Heroes

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Another triggering factor that made us set up World Top Up Day was the general association of Generosity with Charity. Come on… What about family support?

On November 10 we named”Heroes” all those kind people who send regular mobile top ups to their family members and friends abroad. For us, their kindness and care is worth a day to celebrate.We did our best to draw attention upon Long-distance Giving as a form of Generosity few people mention otherwise.

Givers made History

The major reason why people were encouraged to join World Top Up Day was to be part of something big and global for the first time in history. We spoke out on all social media channels: “If you missed the launching of Apollo 11 and the first human steps on the moon, don’t miss this day. #WorldTopUpDay is the first time that anyone celebrates top-up givers worldwide for their generosity and kind heart, as well as the power of giving unconditionally out of compassion, love or friendship.”

The event started even sooner than November 10 on social media platforms, as well as other blogs and websites. On, people showed their appreciation of initiative:

Here is a comment signed by someone called Darey.

“Sending airtime is sometimes like meeting someone’s specific need, if you know what I mean. But rewarding someone for being generous sounds Great to me. The day is noted on my calendar already. Thanks.”

Talking about playfulness, we shared with our fans articles about generosity and giving from both a social perspective and a psychological understanding of the phenomenon. We were sharing our own personal knowledge about the topic. Besides articles, there was also a “Spot the difference” game launched, again, something we thought fun, as well as other brainy goodies.

Thousands celebrated Glorious SMILING, as the Effect of a Mobile Top Up

Smiling is the immediate effect we saw on Top Up Givers’ faces, as well as on the faces of people that received mobile credit. No big deal, you’d say… But smiling is viral and addictive and caught our attention. It’s the world’s common language, and is worth a big hand!

On November 10, we encouraged Top Up Givers to send mobile balance easier, by dropping the processing fees. The outcome wanted was a marathon of top ups and an avalanche of smiles. Like never before! Like there was no tomorrow!

Generous Expats had their own Facebook Community party

The holy browser brought all top up givers together. Most of them expats, but also locals who top up parents’ mobiles online, ’cause it takes a frog’s jump only. What they all had in common besides being the fans, was generosity! That’s something worth putting out to light, in a sea of dark news in all media.

We’ve heard many of their stories. Most of the Givers on give unconditional support to their families.

Empathy” would be the keyword here. Many of these Givers on chose to top up in order to surprise or just to say “thank you” through a gesture rather than using words. ? But most of them supported their relatives or friends with local mobile credit for their everyday life.

November 10 was the Best Shopping Time on

We celebrated on all social media channels with videos, wishes and fun articles. We didn’t have fireworks, but we did alright with another SURPRISE: no processing fees (service fees) on November 10, 2015. What Givers paid was what they sent.

While talking over coffee in a meeting room, we thought: “Wait a minute! Our friends, the top up givers… they give and give all year long, so they deserve a surprise on this day, something else than the daily goodies.” Rewards for fans are pinned on our agenda anyway. That’s why we keep the service fast, the Promotional engine running, the Support kindly awaken 24/7, and the payment safe-safer-the safest. So, everyone who joined the celebration on November 10 and before that day, skipped paying the processing fee.

A gift for those who send mobile credit abroad with MobileRecharge! There was another reason behind giveaway! It was a way to raise awareness on top up givers and  will and heart-felt & generous gesture of long-distance giving. Something we now celebrate every year on November 10.

This gift encouraged 20% more people to send mobile credit as a gift with