An expat’s secret to finding deals online, including to send credit to family

Since Promotions is something we talk about every day, and something you look for from time to time, we thought to share some good tips that helped many expats find the right deals on the Internet. No worries, the following tips are not specifically for those who send credit to someone abroad, our fans, but anyone used to shopping online who loves a good deal now and then. And no wonder we do! It’s one of the best ways to save! Better go on vacation than not hunt some deals, right?

#1 Add keywords in Google Search

Google Search is that virtual space waiting for your thoughts and wishes, ready to deliver the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Looking for deals is easy. Just enter the keywords of what you’re looking for. And yes, your intuition is right: you can’t play with many wishes at once, just like in front of the psychologist. But you’ll have to summarise your best wish this time.

For example, if you’re looking for gifts to buy for male friend’s birthday, just enter: “male birthday gifts”. Or if you need to send some mobile credit to your mother in Haiti, and you want to check the deals for Natcom Haiti, enter: “Natcom Haiti promotions” or any combination you feel confident about using the keywords you have in mind. Imagine you’re not talking to your grandma, but a machine! Get practical, but ask the right questions!

By the way, if you’re looking for Natcom promotion, you’ll really bump into a good one on

#2 Check out daily deal aggregators

Websites like,,, CouponHQ are among the biggest aggregators of discounts, coupons, deals, promotions worldwide.

On a local level, in Canada for example, you’ve got,,,

In Australia, there are other popular websites of the kind:,,,,,

#3 Look for the Promotions tab

When you visit a website that you have an economic crash on, check if they have a Promotions tab. You can visit it just like you visit your auntie, or let it pay you a visit… Stay tune somehow. Read more below!

#4 Get the Newsletter

A way to stay tuned for deals, without having to set up a calendar yourself, is to… subscribe to the Newsletter. Many who haven’t worked behind a Newsletter of any kind have this idea that the enemy uses camouflage to get in, or comes in disguise as a nice Trojan horse gift via the Newsletter. But that’s a prejudice. Most appealing and real clean marketing actions come by email, especially a Newsletter.

On for example, those who send mobile credit and like to hunt down offers, have a Promotions page they can return to, or even better… let it get back to them. Meaning, they can press a button “Get Offers” down that page, and subscribe to receive Notifications by email. Easier, right?

Many online shops have similar options, just ask if can’t see it from the star.

#4 Be a Follower vs Fan on Facebook

You don’t need to be a fan (like the page) to get offers in your News Feed. But one thing is sure. Providers are more informative on their Facebook pages then by email. Emails are great, but are like season friends, not the door to door neighbour you see everyday whether you feel like it or not. Got the point?

Photo credits: Bruno Gomiero

We know this from our own customers. On, offers come and go every day, literally every day. So, imagine, if we emailed people every day, they would hunt us down instead of promos. Instead, they see specific posts in their Facebook feed and can choose by the title if it’s El Salvador as the destination they want to send credit to, or Haiti… and No, thank you! And anyway, on Facebook, we are not disturb by the storm of information, we bathe in it, and the only thing lacking is champaign.

So, what will it be? Good luck with your search, and don’t forget the best deal is the one that suits you best!