Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

There may be more than 80 different ethnic groups within Ethiopia, but once they move out of the country, everyone’s an Ethiopian-that’s-it or an Ethiopian abroad or an Ethiopian expat in the world. What we know is that Ethiopians are among the most talkative and generous when it comes to their families back home. They’ve been for years in top 20 nations who recharge a phone in Ethiopia on Now it’s time to give some GOOD NEWS!

Ethio Telecom has launched a new promotion for those interested to send airtime to Ethiopia, most specifically relatives who want to recharge a phone in Ethiopia and support their friends or folks from abroad. The promo is a 100% BONUS available until October 3, 2019. Check all the details below.

recharge a mobile in Ethiopia

HOW to grab the 100% BONUS & recharge a phone in Ethiopia

  1. Make sure it’s an Ethio Telecom prepaid number.
  2. Install MobileRecharge app for free, or visit the website and open an account for free (again). ;) No contract needed.
  3. Fill in the ONLINE FORM. It takes seconds, and proceed to payment.

The checkout is the mirror of your transaction before it’s done. So, please double check all details before you literally move on to recharge a phone in Ethiopia.

How did it go? Oh, not there yet… Here’s your path!

Who’s eligible to get the Ethio Telecom bonus in Ethiopia?

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Anyone in Ethiopia using Ethio Telecom. Whether it’s your sister who’s getting married soon and needs credit to set all in place, your friend next door taking care of her parents who needs some support, your old-school uncle who prefers talking on the phone than texting, your talkative mom who calls all her relatives during one day as if it’s the end of the world…  Or your worried grandma who loves technology. You name it!

Before you check more details on the website, you should know that to be ready to receive your recharge plus the 100% BONUS from Ethio Telecom, they need to be prepaid fans. Also, let them know the bonus is valid for 2 days, and it applies on recharges made until October 3, Ethiopia time.

For how many people in Ethiopia can I grab the BONUS for?

The nice part is that you can make as many top ups as you wish, and as long as your order on or from MobileRecharge app is over $5, you get 100% Ethio Telecom credit for free for your folks in Ethiopia.

Works like a GIFT or a way to SUPPORT?

Our Ethiopian fans and friends in the MobileRecharge community recharge a phone in Ethiopia out of pure friendship. Mainly because they can afford to support people back home. But as they say, it sometimes happens to be out there looking for a last minute gift, and since it takes a minute to recharge a phone in Ethiopia, voila! The gift at hand when sending money takes longer, and local credit is vital.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash