3 Cool Promotions when you’re living abroad and supporting your family

When you’re an expat, part of you is still living back home and things you’re interested in are no longer only about you or in your benefit. The expatsphere, as we call it, includes your far-away family and friends too. How do we know it? By watching people living abroad who use MobileRecharge.com to top up mobiles of their families and friends.

Take for example Promotions. When you’re not living abroad, you only hunt deals to fill in your wardrobe, your home, your gadget stock. It’s most of the time about you. But when you’re living abroad and your family is far away, Promotions get a different meaning. They become appealing because there’s room in the parcel you send your family or your traveling-home suitcase.

That’s why we thought it helpful to fish for some of the best MobileRecharge.com promotions for Gambians, Hondurans and Jamaicans living abroad. They fit a click only because you get to send the credit online, and there’s plenty of room left in your suitcase.

80% Extra Africell credit for Gambian expats’ families

Photo by ANGELA FRANKLIN on Unsplash

Gambians living abroad have the chance to save big on their top ups to Gambia, until the end of the year. How come? Because Africell adds automatically 80% more credit to top ups to Gambia, sent from abroad.

The good part is that there is no amount restriction on MobileRecharge.com to get that Bonus. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much you send, your Gambian dad, mother, sister, aunty or old friend will receive your amount plus 80% more, that you don’t need o pay for. Sounds good, right? Oh, and before we forget, the Bonus is valid for 30 days, so don’t miss to mention it when you talk to them…

Free national and international calls & SMS for families of Hondurans living abroad

That’s right, you’ve “heard” it well. Tigo Honduras ads 200% more credit for each top up sent from abroad to subscribers in Honduras. ¡Hurra! 

Your friend or relative in Honduras gets the bonus instantly and can use it for calls and SMS within the Tigo network in Honduras, as well as calls to Canada and the USA. But you’ll need to send a minimum of $10 until October 31, 2017, for him/her to get the Tigo Bonus.


Oh, even better, the recipient in Honduras can acquire an Internet Package using this bonus, and even to share it with other numbers in Honduras.

And the best part is that the bonus never expires. It can be used whenever necessary.

The promotion is kind of playful taking into account it comes from a local operator. People will receive the bonus according to the their phone number. But watch out, Sunday everyone takes a rest, including the Bonus machine.

  •  Monday: If the receiver´s number ends on 0 or 1

    Photo by Kevin Sanon on Unsplash

  • Tuesday: If the receiver´s number ends on 2 or 3
  • Wednesday: If the receiver´s number ends on 4 or 5
  • Thursday: If the receiver´s number ends on 6 or 7
  • Friday: If the receiver´s number ends on 8
  • Saturday: If the receiver´s number ends on 9

Calling credit & FREE Internet for families of Jamaicans’ living abroad

Jamaicans place a lot of value on the gut feeling. And our gut feeling says that this offer rules!

If you’re a Jamaican living abroad and your family in Jamaica loves data on their phones, you can pay them a surprise… actually, partly pay for it.

Because Digicel Jamaica adds up to 2GB data and double calling credit for $20 Mobile Recharge purchase to a Digicel mobile in Jamaica, calling credit and 1GB for a $15 order on MobileRecharge.com, and 1GB alone for a $10 purchase on the same website.