8 Strong Reasons to Switch Carriers and Pick Tello if You Live in the USA

Tello as your carrier in the USA

In 2024 almost all major mobile carriers in the USA charge from $50 to $80 for a line, and up to $180 for four lines according to a cnet.com recent article. But there’s an exception: Tello.com. Time to switch carriers? Let’s evaluate the situation! 

So, here are 8 reasons we recommend anyone living in the USA to switch carriers and choose Tello, especially since they recently celebrated 8 years  of steady growth and very low prices. So, dear savvy friends out there, if you’ve been hunting for the perfect phone plan, look no further.

Tello has been around for 8 years, offering incredible value and constantly growing , and there’s no better time to jump on board. Here are 8 fantastic reasons why Tello should be your next mobile carrier.

1. Unlimited Everything for $25/month

First off, let’s talk about the holy grail of phone plans: unlimited everything. Yes, you heard that right! Tello offers unlimited data, talk, and text for an entire month. Stream, chat, and browse without worrying.

2. Countless Plan Combinations

Tello prides itself on flexibility. Whether you need a barebones plan or all the bells and whistles, Tello’s got you covered. Mix and match data and talk options to create a plan that’s just right for you. Freedom to choose? Check!

Tello is the most flexible

You’ll notice on a simple visit to Tello.com… whether you’re looking for a basic talk and text plan or a comprehensive package with ample data, Tello has a plan that will suit your preferences.

24/7 Human Customer Support

Ever been stuck in phone plan purgatory, waiting on hold for what feels like forever? We’ve been there before we got to know Tello.  Unlike other US carriers, they offer 24/7 human customer support and an extremely extremely short waiting time. Yes, actual kind customer specialists are ready to help you any time, day or night. No more automated voice frustrations!

Tello team is committed to providing top-notch support to ensure your experience with Tello is seamless and enjoyable because that’s their standard as customers as well.

4. eSIM Convenience

Got a phone that supports eSIM? Tello makes it super easy to switch carriers without swapping out physical SIM cards. Just a few clicks and you’re set. Welcome to the future of mobile connectivity.

5. International Calls

Have friends or family abroad? Tello offers free international calls to more than 60 destinations plus many others at fantastic rates, so you can stay connected without breaking the bank. Whether it’s catching up with a cousin in Canada or a friend in France, Tello keeps you close.

6. Unlimited Texting

Texting is life. With Tello, you get unlimited texting, meaning you can chat away to your heart’s content. Share memes, coordinate plans, or just check in – all without a second thought. 

7. WiFi Calling

Bad cell signal? No problem. With Tello’s WiFi calling, you can make and receive calls over any WiFi connection. Perfect for those times when you’re deep in a concrete jungle or out in the sticks.

8. NO Annual Commitments

Hate being tied down? Tello likes to keep it flexible. Enjoy the freedom of month-to-month plans. Love it, keep it. Need a change? No hard feelings. It’s the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

So, there you have it – eight stellar reasons to make the switch to Tello. They celebrated  8 years of keeping customers happy, and it’s clear why. If you’re in the USA and ready for a better mobile experience, Tello’s got your back. Time to make the switch and join in!

Need more reasons to make the switch?

  1. Tello is known for its exceptional value proposition, and it promises the same flexible plans that cater to a wide range of needs and budgets in the future as well. Diverse plan options will stay, because this is the reason Tello got so popular among natives and expats in the USA. 
  2. Reliable and trustworthy: As a leading mobile provider, Tello has built a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy partner for its customers. It is among the few carriers with 4.6 stars on Trustpilot.
  3. Strong and supportive community. Tello boasts a vibrant community of users who share their experiences, offer advice, and support one another.
  4. Commitment to innovation and growth. Tello is continuously working to enhance its services and introduce new features and phones to better serve their customers.

Tello Mobile carrier for USA