5 Halloween moments you can’t experience the rest of the year!

We took a deep Darth Vader breath and dive into Halloween possibilities. Here are the 5 unique experiences you can only get on Halloween.

Halloween… Does it have any meaning whatsoever? What’s behind the curtain? Did you ever think about the advantages of Halloween upon your personality and life? We planned to make a list because we wanted to win the bet with ourselves and you. So, we let’s think of 5 spectacular at Halloween!

#1  Ugly is beautiful

How about that? :)

Halloween is the only crazy moment in time when “ugly” is synonym with “beautiful,” in terms of intensity and preference.  OK, so beauty is generally relative! What you like I don’t like, or what you like I may not like… But Halloween turns the volume ON to the maximum. Everyone is dreaming and doing their best to be ugly! Live up to your potential, Halloween fans!

#2 There are no bad surprises

On Halloween, all surprises, good or bad… are good! Because bad is good. Funny, right? :)

So, go wild with surprises, without thinking you haven’t spoken for a while, or that she may refuse your gift! MobileRecharge.com friends count on that! Haunting top ups for Halloween calls or local simply calls, all for their relatives and families. And Halloween is a good occasion to send a top up instead of saying “Hi” or “Here you are!” or just “Surprise!” Just a gift, just a thought…

Some other expats top up their own mobile on Halloween via MobileRecharge.com. Because they loooove pranks on the phone! We couldn’t say pranks a Halloween specialty, because they are not. But Surprises can go wild!

#3 No limit on make up

Oh, yes! if you are a lady, or “oh, noooo” if you are  man. It’s just a matter of practice, trust us! Make up is never too much on Halloween, because it can turn you into someone else in a sec. Quicker than a face-lift.

#4 Time to give the dark side a chance to respect

We are to find out during Halloween or when watching a horror movie that “bad” translates frustration, drama, disappointment, neglect, and lack of affection, and “ugly” is a social concept that changes constantly.

Give the dark side what it deserves… What we mean by that is to acknowledge our instinctive habitat and treat it with respect and respond/satisfy. Just like in old stories, give the hungry monster some meat and it will not eat you up.

We, as human beings, are pure nature, culturalized nature, but still… We have deep instincts to survive and continue to exist and all our emotions derive from that states, all the love or hate. And our actions and wishes, thoughts and words shape the reality.

What we see on Halloween streets is a theatrical and non-taboo projection of the world, from multiple perspectives…

#5 Can you speak Halloweenish?

Yes, it may sound crazy, but listen around. No other time do people use so much black when they talk, so much pumpkin when they are not sit at the table, so many “monsters,” and “skeletons” as if we’re bone surgeons. Grandma’s’ recipes sound like Adam’s Family and and your boyfriend’s or wife’s compliments sound like horror movie trailers.

Speaking of horror movies and dark vocabulary, here is a quiz to test your “dark side” & take pleasure in it!

What spooky character would you be and what does this say about you?

There are 2 ways to party on Halloween: consciously or ignorantly. We pick the former this year, and came up with a personality-character quiz especially tailored for you. We’ll be back with statistics or general results to quench our curiosity. So, tell us what you got!

To live consciously brings sometimes inevitable Halloween goodies, meaning: fear, repulsiveness, vulnerability, frustration or obsession. It’s human, it’s a way to be when you learn who we are. They are not identity rules, but only about emotions.

Spooky wrap up

Well, Halloween is one of those times when you OK, so we’re taking time to look for a costume or invent one out of the “troubled” are in our closet, we walk around wearing masks, get together with friends. Is that it? The night of all Saints, according to the origin of the words. 

Scottish shortening of Allhallow-even “Eve of All Saints, last night of October” (1550s), the last night of the year in the old Celtic calendar, where it was Old Year’s Night, a night for witches. A pagan holiday given a cursory baptism. (http://www.etymonline.com/)