Mr. Sailor’s story, or the challenges of traveling for a living

Traveling makes things both beautiful and strange. “Beautiful” because you get to know new territories and meet new people, sometimes even touch wilderness and freedom. And “strange” because it takes you off the mainstream path most people live. Getting off road, metaphorically speaking, puts you in the situation of not doing what most people do. This article will focus on several personal stories about sailors’ off-land experience and how they found as a solution to credit their mobiles easily and on the go, as well as support their families back home.

Koko’s story

No more overpriced recharge cards!

Koko, for example, is a traveler on duty, if we can say so. He is a young sailor who comes from Myanmar. He travels worldwide, and like many other sailors, he needs to call home. But since he moves from country to country, running after calling cards makes things harder. Not the case anymore. Meanwhile, he bumped into and voila, one issue crossed out.

We “met” Koko on a review platform and his story captivated us so that we turned it into a video story.

Here it is! He talks about his journeying life as a sailor, and about his difficulties to buy recharge cards to top up his mobile phone while traveling. helped him save money while on the way. What he enjoys the most about the service is that he can use it from different countries.

Ichigata’s story

We “met” Ichigata on a review platform. His story made us understand what impact our efforts as a team has on people’s lives. It touched us. He is a sailor too, and instead of the website, he uses MobileRecharge app to credit his phone while traveling as part of his job.

Great app for me, and for all sailors alike. I don’t have to pay more for overpriced recharge card that they are selling in all the country we are visiting.

Christina’s story, a traveling mom

Traveling with a go phone has never been easier

mom_togetherChristina is not a sailor from what we could guess, although she may be an experienced sailor when she plays with her baby.

We “met” Christina on We quickly learned that she’s a brave mother, because she is a “mobile mom.” We don’t know the rest of her story, what she looks like, what country she live in, what she does for a living and how she spends her time, but we love picturing her traveling, then getting back to her child, or maybe having the baby with her. Two scenarios worth some applauds. When she told us she finds it easy, we said “Hooray!”

Very convenient top up. Especially for a mobile mom like me. Traveling with a go phone has never been easier and practical with MobileRecharge in hand.

How to top up your phone when you are traveling

1. Go to or install for FREE the app called MobileRecharge
2. Open an account f0r FREE, it only takes few seconds
3. Fill in your phone number, your current operator (check your phone display or SIM card), your current country and the amount you want to top up; always double check!
4. Click “Recharge Now
5. Pay with Paypal or any major credit card

MR_app_general2How to top up your folks’ mobiles from the distance

1. Go to or install for FREE the app called MobileRecharge
2. Open an account f0r FREE, it only takes few seconds
3. Fill in your friend or relative’s phone number, operator, the country they live in and the amount you want send; always double check!
4. Add a FREE notifying SMS if you send credit to mobile phones in Mexico or Cuba
5. Click “Recharge Now” and proceed to payment; you can use Paypal or any major card