How to save money when you send top up recharge online to mobiles in Africa or Latin America

No matter what popular culture may have to say about saving money, we all love it!

The drive to get discounted prices is in our gene and not a trait of personality, nationality or social class. Let’s face it, we’re talking here about the drive to become more efficient, save resources, re-invest them, and that’s a trait of evolution. It includes finding economical ways to stay safe personally, and that’s in the Price% OFF refrain. So, we wondered what’s the right recipe to save up on your recharge online if you are an expat or a restless traveler who inevitably uses

#1 Watch out for % OFF!

Look for Promotions. hosts more than 10 daily. They are a great way to save money.

100% EXTRA FREE credit for your friends in Guyana

To be more specific, your friends in Guyana using a Cellink mobile receive double the amount you pay for. You can send any amount available on to receive the Bonus. The minimum amount is $5.19 and the maximum $25.95.

The offer is available until the end of March on for people traveling to Guyana or expats whose friends and relatives live there.

Cubans send 150 CUC and only pay for 60 CUC

During Cubacel promotions, which are really frequent, Cubans get to save 30 CUC on their top ups to Cuba. Just to give you an example, if you are a Cuban living abroad you can save 30 CUC if you send 20 CUC credit to a Cubacel mobile back home, that belongs to your mom, dad, niece, sister or friend. That means you pay for 20 CUC and get to send 50 CUC. Sounds good right?

The best tricks though are in multiple top ups. Say, you send 3 top ups of 20 CUC each between March 14-18 (2016) you’ll pay for a total amount of 60 CUC, while you actually send a total of 150 CUC. So, you get 90 CUC extra

100% MORE for top ups to Dominican Republic. Viva the Viva Bonus!

You got it right! 100% for free when you top up a Viva mobile in Dominican Republic. 

Between March 5 – April 17, 2016, you pay for $7.37 (or the equivalent in other currencies) and you get to send 300 DOP. Vea como se vive Viva!  ;)

200% MORE credit on international top ups to Tigo Honduras

You get to send three times the amount you pay for. Any top up over $10 an up to $50, sent to a Tigo mobile in Honduras from abroad, before the end of March 2016, receives automatically 200% more. This offer saves the sender of the top the money he would otherwise pay for the extra credit. Plus, it is a surprise for the beneficiary to get a larger amount. Does it make sense? :)

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#2 Join a contest on Facebook!

Contests are a fun source of coupons and giveaways. Most of the times, the challenges are not extremely difficult. Of course, if you are shy, you may think twice, but still, it’s online, so why not give it a try.

Contests, like the ones on Facebook page, asks for your opinion in a comment, or a photo uploaded or a tag. Nothing too complicated or embarrassing or too personal. Playful and social interaction!

To stay updated with coupon contests or other social games for offers, you should become a fan of the page and get the news in your news feed.

#Play a game!

Another source of fun and the chance to win some extras!

For example, on Valentine’s Day, launched Cupid’s online game. Fans and customers played for free for 2 minutes, trying to speedy-shoot as many heart-shaped balloons possible. All who pressed played and finished the game, no matter the scoring, entered the random pick for a free mobile recharge daily, during a 5 days span. Plus, winners could pick any value preferred, below $15. Pretty cool, right?  
Games are usually announced on Facebook pages, so don’t be shy and be a fan for real time offers’ sake! :)


If you live abroad and want to save on your mobile recharge online to Africa or Latin America, make sure you try first: Promotions, Contests and Games with Prizes launched by different brands, including