Before & After moving abroad

Moving abroad is mainly an evolutionary movement outside our comfort zone. But the results are in most cases spectacular in terms of personal development. That’s the whole point in the first place, right?

It’s then time to remember the reasons why we moved to another country, the mood we had before starting to pack. It’s also a gain to remember what we know now & didn’t know before, what new habits we got.


abroad#1 What keeps me here, anyway?

That was probably the question all expats asked themselves at some point. Finding the pros and cons of moving away was probably the determining factor in taking the decision to buy a one way ticket abroad.

#2 If not now, when?

The question that makes the difference when undecided if to leave or not to leave the country. Adding some extra pressure to rush the decision is always useful! :)

Say, for example Jose was taking care of the mother and felt sorry about leaving her behind somehow, but yet he was 30 and chances to earn more and make a better life for his own is not probable. Time to focus on timing and solutions, instead of fear! The timing is right if the question crossed Jose’s mind, thinking about helping his mom from the distance, teaching her to message him more often, or calling her instead, or helping her travel to his new place puts things in a totally new and positive perspective.

#3 No expat websites

Before leaving the country, expats only exist on TV or the radio. All of a sudden that category could be you, so you start reading about the papers you need to fill when you move, look up forums to meet the diaspora and ask for their advice. And voila, they are you, your new friends!

#4 Unaware of your love for the country

We are treating our own country like a confused rebel adolescent. Love, hate, disgust, fun… coziness, or endangerment. All mixed feeling. This was bound to change… soon!


#1 Getting multilingual

Inevitably, you got to speak the language of the new country. Did you have that feeling of being almost an alien trying to make friends on Earth? Can you remember speaking the language of the new country and not being understood? Pretty frustrating!

#2 A challenging job

Skills that made you pretty good in your motherland get a totally different feedback in the new country. Whether the requirements are different, or maybe the system is more automated, it is challenging. If we count in, the new colleagues, the new information we need to take in, the new workplace, the new, the new, the new… oh, that makes it even more challenging. Adaptation becomes a way of life!

abroad#3 Season gifts are on your early-bird list

You know you won’t meet your family or your friends that soon. So, you plan what to send them as a gift when you can’t offer your hug. Fast gifts include mobile credit with Many expats use it as a most useful form to support their relatives’ local communication, or to facilitate calls abroad, or maybe Internet traffic (data).

#4 Expat websites over coffee

Expat is your first name, then comes citizen, then human, then your birth name. :) Strange enough, but real!

Expat services are now part of your daily digest. Traveling websites, for mobile credit transfers,, expats forums for house renting and insurance, ExpatBlog for diverse other topics, you name it.

#5 Missing home, loving it all!

Missing the people, the trees, the winding roads, the simple things back home, the language, the food? That’s a form of nationalism. Or love.

#6 You know what it feels like to be an expat

Which leads us to a poll… based on your latest experience!