Tips for Cubans abroad. How to send more than Double Bonus to a Cubacel mobile in Cuba

If luck exists, Cubans are the luckiest when it comes to promotions, not to mention the rest of the goodies of their soul and culture! This July, Cubans abroad can send up to 150 CUC with, while paying $60, $40 or $20. In any case, more than Doble Bono is the result!

We’ll examine each immediately, and see which is the best for you in terms of time and budget.

So, between July 11-15, 2016, all mobile top ups to a Cubacel mobile in Cuba sent with receive much more than double bonus. In simple terms, if you are one of the Cubans abroad and your family or friends are still in Cuba, you can send them mobile credit and Cubacel automatically adds EXTRA credit. 

Let’s check out all 3 possibilities on, available for all Cubans abroad.

Cubans abroadPay for 40 CUC and send 100 CUC

Some months ago, double bonus was the best offer Cubans abroad received on their international top ups. But found a better deal. For example, if you pay for a $44 top up, you actually get to send 60 FREE Extra Cubacel credit automatically.

Let’s sum it up, two recharges of $22 each (that makes 40 CUC) plus a total Bonus of 60 CUC, you get to send 100 CUC, while paying only $44. Does it make sense?

Pay for 20 CUC and send 50 CUC

For those who don’t need or want to invest more than $22, this is the best option. One order of $22 in less than 1 minute, and the recharge is instant. You pay for 20 CUC, and the friend or relative in Cuba gets 50 CUC. 

Pay for 60 CUC and send 150 CUC

The most generous, but also the best deal is to get 90 CUC for free, instead of the previous 30 CUC or 60 CUC. As a Cuban abroad, you can pay $66 in a single order, and 90 CUC are automatically added. In simple Maths, that’s 150 CUC all together. Santa Claus deal, right? Oh, you can pay in dollars or any other currency, because the value of 60 CUC stays unchanged.

How to send the Special Bonus

  • Make sure you have a free account
  • Go to this page and fill in the top up details
  • Send a free SMS to let them know the gift is from you
  • Proceed to payment no matter the currency of your card or Paypal

Don’t forget to include a FREE SMS for your gift!

Cubans abroad After you made the settings for your recharge, and before you proceed to payment, you can use the SMS option down the page that says FREE SMS. You can write any wish or joke or warm thought you want, it’s still free. If you picked the bigger Bonuses of 100 CUC or 150 CUC, you can send an SMS on your second recharge as a punchline, because the recharges will get in a chronological order, and not both at the same time, which will be physically impossible, unless some basic physics myth had been busted last week.


The July offer is open to all 1.1 million Cubans living in the USA as of 2013, but also those in Australia, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom and other parts of the world where a Cuban flag was ever seen. Mainly all those Cubans abroad who still have friends and relatives back in Cuba that they could help with mobile credit. The only thing to consider is the value of the order, that should be between 20 and 60 CUC for the Big Bonus to apply.