return to Cuba

What Cubans abroad say about returning to Cuba

What do Cubans abroad say about returning to Cuba? Whether in exile or undocumented, Cubans have strong opinions pro or against it.

Cubacel data bonus

April bonus for Cubans: Cubacel DATA and 1000 CUP for free

If you need to send Cubacel data to your folks in Cuba, the April Cubacel promo offers up to 10GB Cubacel internet for free besides minutes and more data. The minimum purchase is 500 CUP and validity is 30 days.

Top ups to Digicel Jamaica online

Huge Bonus on international top ups to Digicel Jamaica this spring

Jamaicans abroad can send credit to Jamaica in seconds, plus bonus: 8x and 8GB extra for Digicel Jamaica prepaid credit numbers, plus data bonus on Digicel plan top-ups.

news from Cuba

Latest news from Cuba: war influence, family reunification, Revolut and Cubacel bonus

What’s the latest news from Cuba in the amid of war, world order change, covid pandemic and local social and economic tremor? We go over the main events.

Best alternative to a travel SIM card anywhere in the world

Not everyone can find or afford the ideal travel SIM card. So, here’s how you can get local balance in seconds and save time and money. Plus, how to get international balance at the lowest rate out there.

credit transfer to Ukraine

Mobile credit transfer to Ukraine cell phones from any part of the world

Mobile credit transfer to Ukraine cell phones from any part of the world is available on No fees apply.

Cubacel bonus in March

How to send Cubacel Bonus in March the easiest way

What are the 5 easy steps to top up a Cuban phone number and how to add the Cubacel bonus in March the easiest way possible.

Movies about expats in the Oscars 2022

Two movies in the Oscars 2022 about expat communities

Expat communities have always had smashing stories, and this year in the Oscars 2 more: a love affair between a Puerto Rican and an American in the USA or Irish in England

How to top up SIM in UK in 1 minute

How to top up SIM card in UK from any country in only 1 minute

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to top up SIM card in UK, here are the free app. Useful for British expats, travellers and time sensitive people.

immigrant food and other interesting facts about immigrants

7 surprising things about immigrants: from immigrant food to Natalie Portman and GDP

Surprising facts about expats include this month: immigrant food, GDP, famous expats, saviours, immigrant credit and more.