How to send Boomplay Nigeria gift card from abroad in seconds

If your relatives in Nigeria are using Boomplay, a good idea for someone’s birthday or other ocassion is to send a Boomplay gift card from abroad. It only takes seconds online.

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5 memes that prove you’re a Proud Expat

5 memes we’ve tailored to showcase what makes expats #ProudExpats, the theme of World Top Up day 2022.

9 secrets about Cuba that will amaze you

Cuba is a fascinating country with an even more fascinating history. There are numerous intriguing and little known facts about both the past and the present of this beautiful country.

Why Cubans are some of the happiest people in the world

They may not be featured in any famous chart ranking the happiest nations in the world, but we know it for a fact: Cubans are some of the happiest people in the world.

World Top Up Day

What are expats proud of?

Looking for #ProudExpats online, we found these aspects to showcase this year’s theme of World Top Up Day, November 10.

Auto Top-up for automatic top-ups

How to set up scheduled top-ups for cell phone numbers abroad

Scheduled top-ups make life easier and cost zero extra with The activation takes seconds and it’s called Auto Top-up.

5 Best Tips to Save Money

We’re living hazy times financially speaking. Is an economic crisis looming on the horizon? Is it here already?

World Top Up Day

What expats taught us in the past 7 years and World Top Up Day 2022

World Top Up Day 2022 on November 10 will be full of surprises for expats. But before we reach that, we go through the expat lessons of the past 7 editions.

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Top immigrant jobs these days and the role of the pandemic

If hospitality was a domain that rocked on the list of immigrant jobs, there are others more popular nowadays.

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How to grab 299 or 300 INR BONUS if you recharge mobiles in India from abroad

Every time you recharge mobiles in India from abroad or from India until August 28, a bonus applies: 299 or 300 INR mobile credit.