Obed Urquilla's successful expat story

Expat in Canada. Meet Obed Urquilla, telling the story of his life adventure.

He needed space to grow emotionally and professionally, so he left El Salvador, crossed the border to the USA in the biggest adventure of his life, studied nursing, worked, slept in the park, and later became an expat in Canada. But things are not as simple as they seem…

Pakistani abroad

How to send internet credit to a mobile in Pakistan in seconds

If you live abroad and need to send balance a mobile in Pakistan, including cellular data for Telenor, Zong or Uforne, here are some cool tips and links.

Cuba streets

What foreigners love about Cubans

Tourists can tell us more about Cubans than Cubans themselves sometimes. Here are 6 aspects they love most about Cubans. Plus info for Cuban expats…

Cusco boy, Peru

Why lockdown measures in Peru haven’t been efficient

We’re trying to understand like everyone else why the lockdown measures in Peru starting early did not work. 3 possible causes. And a tip to keep safe.

man celebrating the 4th of July

What to have instead of the 4th of July fireworks this year?

What options do we have instead of the public 4th of July fireworks this year? We’d say plenty. A custom-made parade, cool photoshooting and home fireworks.

roasted sandwiched

Famous Cuban sandwich in online shows. Best recipes out there

Before making the best Cuban sandwich to impress ourselves and our friends, let’s go through some famous recipes of some famous cooking enthusiasts.

everyone is welcome print

The truth about Immigrants during the quarantine

Let’s go through some challenges and dilemmas of immigrants during the quarantine. What challenges do they face? What support do they have?

American store

How other Cuban fellows send food to Cuba

If you ever had the urge to send food to Cuba to support or surprise your family, glad to share the some services that other Cuban expats use.

Teen getting credit from abroad to talk in Ethiopia

International top ups to Ethiopia make covid-19 messages possible in the country

International top ups to Ethiopia impacts the country in two ways these days. Ethiopian expats can support covid-19 communication besides talk credit.

woman holding her kid

5 ways I understood from my mother to be a good person

An intern working for expats share her 5 ways her mom made her be a better person, an idea that came when talking about offers for moms miles away.