Black History Month 2022

You didn’t know this: 6 cool stuff we use daily and owe to Afro-Americans

In a time when Afro-Americans are still recomposing the real black history, we bring forward the black inventions that changed our lives.

Canadian using MobileRecharge

How to recharge Canada mobile numbers online and super fast

It only takes a minute these days to recharge Canada mobiles from abroad or from Canada by using an online platform like

cubacel plan

Super deal ends on January 31: Cubacel data plan to Cuba from abroad

Super deal for Cubans overases and their relatives: Cubacel data plan and Cubacel bonus.

Martin Luther King Jr.

How to top up cell phone online in the USA the easiest way possible

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend gives you the time to try to top up cell phone online in the USA, or other countries.

Haiti street

How to send minutes to Haiti Digicel and get 400% more for free

Simple tutorial on how to send minutes to Haiti Digicel online, in an easy, cheap way and fast, and get a 400% BONUS immediately.

Cubacel recarga promo: 120 minutes and 6GB of data for free for Cuban relatives

What you should know about the new Cubacel recarga promo: 120 minutes and 6GB of data for free for Cuban relatives. Plus some tips on how they can call super cheap at $4 a month.

expat life

Expat life checklist for 2022

Expat life fas many facets. We’ve looked at predictions for 2022, and made checklists for a bunch of things… like moving abroad, relocating as an expat, taxes and savings, and good mental health as an expat.

Cuban store abroad

Looking for a Cuban store nearby for Christmas gifts?

Many Cubans abroad or Cuban fans or spouses of Cubans look for a Cuban store nearby to prepare a Christmas gift. What options are there?

myths busted about expats

10 Myths busted about immigrants worldwide

There are many things said about immigrants. We bring facts to debunk the most popular myths out there.

free data to Cuba

Relatives can send FREE data to Cuba: up to 18 GB

Those who need to send data to Cuba get the best Cubacel offer this December. Up to 18 GB free data to Cuba available as a Bonus on international top ups to Cuba.