How to save time & money when you top up a mobile in Guatemala

Whether you’re from Guatemala living in some other country on this planet, or you have friends there, you may want to know that there are resources to keep you connected to your friends back home or your pals in Guatemala. Besides low budget calls with VoIP services, you can also top up a mobile in Guatemala from anywhere in the world.

Such long-distance mobile top ups to Guatemala, made online, are getting more popular in the expats’ den. And for more than 10 years, has managed to bridge the economic gap between Guatemala and other parts of the world. People send mobile credit home to Guatemala in few seconds, and this is one way to support their relatives and friends.

Guatemalans abroad

According to, in 2007 there were over 480,000 people from Guatemala registered as expats in the USA, over 230,000 in Mexico, more than 14,000 in Canada and over 28,000 in other parts of the world such as Spain, Germany, France and some countries in Latin America and Asia. Meanwhile the numbers are probably higher, which explains a natural phenomenon of strong migration to regions with higher economic potential for a better life style.

Why expats top up family’s mobiles in Guatemala from abroad

There are several reasons why mobile top ups are popular with Guatemalan expats.

  • First, top ups are all-year-long Santa Claus products, meaning, no one will say “No, thanks, I don’t need mobile credit.” This category simply does not exist among humans with relatives abroad. Because only someone who have been in the shoes of a father with a child abroad would understand the magic of long-distance communication.
  • Secondly, it takes few seconds to complete your mission and make a top up, no matter the distance
  • Thirdly, there are generous bonuses weekly that offer up to 500% FREE extra credit. Such bonus credit sent to Tigo and Guatemala subscribes can be used for international calls to the USA and Canada, which means that people in Guatemala can also call their relatives and friends abroad.  
  • You cannot compare a top up with sending money or shipping packages, in terms of cost and time.
  • Paypal is accepted besides all major cards.
  • You know exactly what happened to the money (credit) you sent.

 3 steps & your top up gets to Guatemala

#1 Get on & register FOR FREE. Or select the country and press “Recharge Now” and register later before you get to make the payment.

top up a mobile in Giuatemala

#2 Choose the operator of the mobile you want to recharge in Guatemala, enter the phone number and the amount correctly and double check. It will be hard to impossible to withdraw the credit from a phone that already received your gift. Press “Continue” to top up a mobile in Guatemala. Here is the page you need to land on.

top up a mobile in Guatemala

Yes, you’ve got GOOD NEWS these days: promotions are running for all operators.

  • 200% extra credit on every top up to Tigo larger than $7 or the equivalent. Bonus credit can be used to make calls to the USA, on net and ext net.
  • 300% extra credit on top ups to Claro larger than $7 or the equivalent. Bonus credit can be used for Claro network calls and international calls to the USA and Canada.
  • 200% extra credit on top ups to Movistar mobiles in Guatemala for top ups of minimum $10.

Such promotions are recurrent on, so if you miss any of these, don’t worry. Plan a return for Promotions, or Like us on Facebook, and we’ll send you updates from times to times.

#3 Press “Continue” and proceed to easy payment

All major cards are accepted, no matter the currency of one’s account. Whether you live in Europe and use Euro inevitably, or you have your account open in Rupees or AUD, no worries. If you are a Paypal fan, you’re welcome too!

top up a mobile in Guatemala