This is how talking about your mom can get her a gift on Mother’s Day

When was the last time you told someone what you love about your mom? Was it in front of the class on Mother’s Day, when you were little? How often do you tell her directly how much she matters to you?

Not too often, right? You see? Routine keeps us busy and there are few moments in life when we stop for a moment to acknowledge what a person means to us. So, we’ve created the video below for the grown up in you! Here are few examples of what our moms did for us… 

Comment to this video on Facebook

We challenge you to tell us what you love about your mom as a comment to this video on Facebook. You get the chance to win a gift for her: a free mobile recharge. 

Let’s honour them as we should, by recollecting important steps in our relationship with our moms. Sit still, remember, and tell us in a comment how you feel about your mom.

So, starting May 3, we’re challenging you all to join the MobileRecharge Facebook community to talk about your mom, tell us what she’s like or how much you love her and why, and you get the chance to win her a free mobile recharge gift for Mother’s Day.

To help you remember the important moments you’ve shared as a mom-child team, we’ve collected more than 20 year old photos and made a video to recreate the bond that we all have with our moms since childhood. Here it is. Enjoy it, and see you on Facebook with a comment!

Who can comment and get mom a gift?

All expats away from their moms and anyone who joins us on Facebook, of course. It’s not necessary to be one of those who celebrates Mother’s Day this May. If you want to use this moment to tell us how you feel about her in a comment to the video above on Facebook, you automatically get a chance to be randomly picked as a winner of a mobile top up gift on May 6.

All expats generally, including all Latin Americans, Americans,people from Caribbean, Portuguese, Canadians, Jamaicans, Spanish and Haitians who want to honor their mothers around Mother’s Day and win them a gift are especially welcome to comment.

What’s the gift?

The prize will be a free mobile top up for someone’s mother abroad, a gift that never fails and gets to the destination instantly. The team will randomly pick a winner of the gift on May 6.

What do I need to do to get the gift?

You can enrol for the gift by sharing how much you love mom in a comment to the video on Facebook, starting May 3.

Mother’s Day Takeaway

Anyone is welcome on Facebook to talk about their mom, and get the chance to win her a gift by telling us what they feel about her, what’s she’s like or how much they care about her.

All one has to do is comment to the video “This is how unconditional love looks like” on Facebook.

If you want to simply send your mom a mobile top up without joining the Mother’s Day celebration on  Facebook this week, here is a shortcut to your gift.

I send credit to my mum’s mobile in St Lucia. She has two mobile chips, Digicel and Lime and I can top them up for her any time. It saves her going out to find somewhere to top up, payment is safe too. I pay via Paypal. (lindadaliasammy on