Top 10 things that expats on Facebook LIKE

We all reach some point when we get more and more curious about people we find ourselves close to. Whether we have common interests or we are geographically closed, getting curious is part of our nature.

So, we took few minutes to go over what you, as fans, like. We didn’t look into your hearts, but over moments in our Facebook relationship, since that is the new public pool, where trends are launched and stories are shared as they happen. Let’s try to recall the most viral.


On a glance upon our Timeline relationship on Facebook, it’s easy to grasp our expat friends are not too talkative but they know what they need and what they like, plus they are curious and not fearful partners in business.

Actually, we are proud that fans are interesting, have complex preferences, are humorous and playful people. Age and sex are somehow irrelevant when it comes to their choices, which proves they are open minded expats. 69% are men and 31% women, aged 18-54.

#1 Pranks

Around April 1st, we needed to get playful and share some prank ideas from the past. That was welcome and almost applauded. Verdict: MobileRechargers are really funny and playful folks. And guess what keeps us young and healthy?

#2 What’s “Awkward”

No kidding! Our fans love the awkward. How do we know it?

The word “awkward” triggered a strong buzz around less common photos of fathers and sons, then and now, or strange Christmas family pics. A mix of imagination and humor seemed to attract their attention and make them feel OK.

#3 Tutorials

It’s not that to refill with would require some extra support, because making an online refill is easy and intuitive. Yet, the service is not so old as the TV set to “know it by heart.” So, now and then, a tutorial is a good idea for a starter who seeks confirmation, or old fans who are curious to see if anything has changed.

#4 Beautiful pics

There is no surprise. People love people well frozen on the eternal photo paper, because we need to stay alive, despite time… On the other hand, the impact of a beautiful photo quenches the aesthetic thirst and at the same time there is this drive to go places and see things that a photo brings to you… Beautiful pics kill distance and decorate both our imagination and our reality.

#5 Games

Online Easter games were the first games on especially tailored for our team and our fans. Who have thought that painting eggs with the timer ticking in the background would be so attractive. We all engaged in the painting competition until we wasted all our Picasso resources. The one-player game we hosted shows what a young and ambitious spirit, as well as curious and playful, expats have. :)Expats on Facebook

#6 Online top ups directly from Facebook

Yes! fans are among the most realistic, direct and courageous when it comes to recognising safe systems.

Buying directly from Facebook is so natural these days… The system is 100% secure and well optimised that only a skeptical by education would avoid it because of standards someone implemented well and hard into their minds.

Expats on Facebook

#7 How to make people smile

Our fans love to make people smile. We could call them smile-makers instead of top up givers! There are two reasons behind this: on World Top Up Day, when we all celebrated all top up givers worldwide, they joined our parade of movies related to this topic. Plus, think about it, MR fans are people who give, support from the distance. The ultimate role of such an action is to make someone in your family or a friend… smile.

#8 Supporting their parents

Expats don’t forget where they’ve come from. Maybe there are many who avoid the connection with the country for different reasons, but most of them keep in touch and give their support from the distance. Why? That’s not difficult to grasp. First, they can. Secondly, it is not too easy to adapt to a different culture without missing and appreciating the familiar environment back home, including your parents. Thirdly, the experience of moving from one country to another leaves traces and softens your heart, so you put yourself in your parents’ shoes and the economical difference in many situations is striking. Love is support too.

Expats on Facebook

In 2015, started a series of movies based on fans’ feedback messages and reviews on review platforms. Guess what? Raja’s story of his parents in Nepal got easily to 2894 views, which says that there is a high interest in means to support parents, from the distance.

#9 Android

Android news is always welcome. Even if many use iOS, there are more who prefer the more flexible Android. But whichever, MobileRecharge app for top ups on the go works just the same with both operation systems.

#10 Touchy thoughts & expat stories

MobileRecharges are sensitive folks who can handle both a more technical situation and an emotional one. They appreciate stories about expat adventures, quotes about the change it all made in them, they are aware and introspect… if anyone asks. They listen to other people who went through similar situations like themselves.

So, what’s the Expat profile?

Unless you’re at odds with Facebook, with the recent features, what fans Love or Wow on Facebook has never been more transparent. Most fans are expats with great sense of humour. They love both technical aspects of reality and are really open to sending mobile credit online to mobiles abroad via They are by all means empathic and nostalgic in their Like of expats stories and the family support they offer by refilling their relatives’ and friends’ back mobiles back home. They love games, which brings to light their ambitious, playful and curious nature.

If you are one of the expats we’re talking about, you most probably need for your online top ups to your relatives and friends back home.