11 memes that reveal expat resolutions for 2023

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Expats make a category that has already been validated as ambitious by default. By simply skimming the expat resolutions (what a buzz on social media) it’s obvious that their ambitions have to do with overcoming fear and personal limitations, and family support from a distance. On a less serious note, let’s make it fun while going through the basics of the expat resolutions for 2023. Share it with your friends if you feel like it. And leave your comments. Happy 2023 everyone!

1. Be patient with the locals’ curiosities

Yes, you’ve been already living in the USA or elsewhere and you’re getting the same questions over and over again. But hey, what do you expect? You’re exotic, an interesting minority rep.  How should the person you meet know they are #13 in the row? Right? A bit of compassion could turn you into an ambassador for your home culture. So, we’ve noticed that on this year’s expat resolutions lists is also this, to be more understanding of the recurring and inevitable questions locals have for expats. Especially when you’re originally from a country that has not a large representation in their town.

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Go even further! Take that time as an opportunity to share information you’re proud of (or not, but don’t stick to that) about your motherland, and the people. Play the role of the PR. ;)

2. Get that language class now

Many of us struggle to start learning a foreign language and lack motivation. But once you’re living abroad, in a country whose language is still a mystery to you, that’s the best opportunity to take a course. Many countries offer immigrants, free language classes. But also, there are plenty of opportunities online. Plus here are the best reasons: you can practice it with colleagues, on the bus, with neighbors, or while shopping. The second reason is that you need it to manage around so basically, you are totally motivated. You only need to organize yourself!

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3. Don‘t cheat by using your mother tongue when you’re afraid!

Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed not to fail. This is also true when learning a new language or simply speaking a foreign language you are not great at. But most people feel that, so what’s the point then? Don’t forget that the purpose of communication is to get your message through. And body language is 60% of our communication, so use it heavily. It’s also more expressive.

What expats resolutions in 2023 reveal is that people plan to use their hands a lot and practice the language of their new country more. Yes, bilingual dialogue is interesting and something charming to it, but then it may sometimes be confusing for the locals.

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4. Join a community with similar interests

What many immigrants talk about is not joining an expat community necessarily. But rather groups sharing a common goal or interest. Some plan to look for chess communities on Instagram or google and join that. Others prefer photography or art guilds. People who used to dance back home added to their expat resolutions list “Join a dancing club and go to dancing parties”. Parents may join projects where parental help is needed to build a playground for example. You got the point, right? It can be a reading club or a soccer local team. If there’s none, and you have some sort of experience, build it from scratch yourself. You’ll be remembered in the local papers and it will boost your self-esteem besides bringing you minds-alike closer.


5. Make decisions using your gut feeling

Expat resolutions on social media reveal that people need to make fast decisions that have a 100% personal choice to them. While the reasoning is great to solve problems, use your guts to make fast decisions. Here’s why! Intuition is that super fast computer-like calculation based on previous experience and data collected (willingly or unwillingly). It’s not a new-age thing. It’s a fast mechanism of the brain, or as psychology puts it an immediate insight or perception, as contrasted with conscious reasoning or reflection.  If reasoning did not bring us real personal satisfaction, this year, go with the guts.

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6. Stop and see how special you are thanks to your heritage!

When you’re new to a country, a job, a neighborhood, or a group of people… you are not in your comfort zone. And of course, doubts are part of the “poem”. But hey, many expat resolutions lists had this reminder: remember your heritage and see how special you are. Indeed, locals may feel more at ease around you since they are used to doing things in a certain way, transportation, street habits, language tracks, and so on. But you are a precious stone among them. And people like novelty. A loot!

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7. Give yourself the gift of enthusiasm: a new hobby

Everyone expects to be simulated and surprised. And unfortunately, we expect that from a partner most often. But it’s already a fact that our life standard depends a lot on our passions and our relationships. So, many expats put this resolution down for 2023: start something new, get a new hobby. Not sure what you’d like? Try several options, go to free classes or weekend classes or pick youtube tutorials, and see what makes you enthusiastic.

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8. Obsess about the future, instead of the past

Facts in the past are facts that you cannot alter. Of course, you can change the perception if you need to. But living too much in the past is toxic and leaves you nostalgic, disappointed, or numb. So, what we could find among the public expat resolutions is this focus on the future more than the past. Plan, and create opportunities!

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9. Cook and share your traditional dishes

First, here’s an article about the experience of seventeen Taiwanese ladies in Belgium and their ethnic cooking and sharing experience there.

Secondly, there are so many reasons to do it.

  • People are sensitive to food, so you can talk about yourself and your culture through food.
  • Traditional food is a nutrient-dense food that may also aid in weight management, plus heart, bone, and mental health.
  • You get to learn recipes (or remember them) by talking to your relatives back home, therefore… quality time with them)
  • You become independent as a self-carer, a self-caterer.

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10. Obsess about the future, instead of the past

For a fresh expat the first months are brought, and it’s pretty normal to feel on the edge. Some continue to feel that way for different reasons; they are more alone than others, they have a hard time finding the right job or a job at all, and expenses cut off the little money put aside. Support may come from expat fellows. Joining an expat community gives one an extra chance to get emotional, financial physical support or good advice. Some keep their distance because they disapprove of many of the other fellow expats lack of integration into the new culture. Others keep their distance because they prefer mingling more with the locals and learning a new lifestyle. In 2023 many expats made it public that the best way is to be part of several communities at the same time, for diversity’s sake as well as support.

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11. Support my folks

Talking about communities, the MobileRecharge.com expat community is about all ethnic groups who need a fast tool to send mobile credit (top-up, balance, load, airtime, you name it) back home to their relatives. Count on MobileRecharge.com for fast delivery and an easy online process, without any contract or other strings attached.

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