4 movies about long-distance love that the Oscars made us remember

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Remember “Ghost”, the love movie that disheveled several generations? If you think your long-distance relationship gives you heart aches, imagine the limits the 2 characters experience when found in 2 separate worlds (of the dead and the living) and not 2 different continents. So, right after Oscars 2020 and close to Valentine’s Day we are in the mood to compile a list of long-distance love story movies worth watching, since we’re an expat community here on MobileRecharge.com. Some made it to the red carpet in the Oscars, others didn’t, but who cares! :) They will definitely ring a bell to many of us, if not solve long-distance real dilemmas too…

1. The Atonement

OMG. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s a must. Get some nose tissues and wine ready, it’s a long distance movie in terms of time. ;) Movie fans rated it 7.8 on IMDB, and it was nominated in 7 categories for the Oscars. And it won the Best Original Music award. So, imagine the atmosphere…

Atonement was launched in 2007, and made a big buzz in the Oscars the following year. The British romantic drama features the famous Keira Knightley, who makes a beautiful character. The movie follows a key event and her love story over the course of six decades, beginning in the 1930s. We won’t spoil the emotional show. But a trailer will do for some food for thought.

2. The man who knew infinity

The story is absolutely captivating. The main character is a highly talented Indian young man, leaving behind his girl friend and family when he moves to the UK in search of his academic career. He’s no ordinary man, but a largely self-taught mathematical genius and finally the pioneer Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Very coherent story, having the long-distance love in the background, as many of us today… while focused on work and making a nice living in the new country. Worth seeing, by all means!

If you don’t believe us and need extra reasons, here they are: 7.2 rating on IMDB, casting Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons, who’s already a winner in the Oscars.

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3. Before Sunrise

This movie is a strong and ideal touch of a long-distance relationship, where strong desire, admiration and consistency meet. It’s a 1990’s movie, but don’t underestimate it, OK? Trust us!

Trailer first…

It may have not been a popular movie in the Oscars, but collected an 8.1 appreciation score on IMDB and that’s a lot. If you like it, you can move on to the rest of the trilogy. Yes, a Star Wars of love. :)

The American romantic drama film follows Jesse, a young American man, and Céline, a young French woman, who meet on a train and disembark in Vienna. They spend the night walking around the city talking and finally making love. What comes next is your homework. ;)

4. The Notebook

It didn’t make it to the Oscars, but it made it to soooo many people’s hearts and minds. A somehow annoying love story, yet a passionate one, getting its well deserved 7.8 on IMDB: “A young man falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences.”

The second part of the movie gets unbelievably dense and strong. Don’t miss it in this life, friend!

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