How to send 3G data to Cuba and get the most out of promos

woman in Havana using 3G in Cuba

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You may find it redundant, but there are still many Cubans abroad and friends of Cubans wondering how to send 3G data to Cuba. So, although for many of the readers of this blog this is something already at their fingertips, we’ll cover the topic shortly. Sorry dear MobileRecharge fans, but we’ve got something for you too, some good news. Cubacel is launching another promo between February 24-29, and that’s another opportunity to send 3G to Cuba, because the main amount you send, that triggers the Bonus, can be used as cellular data by your folks in Cuba.
Yet, you may think of sharing the info with your fellow Cubans. ;) Just saying.

3G to Cuba plus more than 100% Bonus

Cubans’ relatives abroad can top up 3G in Cuba online. That’s pretty easy and fast. Plus Cubacel runs regular promos and the deal includes 3G data credit. That’s the best way we know so far to send 3G to Cuba. The deal amounts to 100% or 200% extra. And that’s happening for years now. 2 promos per month usually.

MORE than Doble Bono Cubacel, 3G to Cuba included

That’s right! As many already know, Cubacel promos are the best option to send 3G to Cuba as well as calling credit. And we all know what a blessing that is with the high local telecom prices in Cuba…
If you recharge 20 – 80 CUC for a Cubacel mobile phone between February 24-29, no matter where you live, you get to send more than you pay for. And that includes data too. Here’s exactly how much:

You pay… and your folks in Cuba get…

  • 20 CUC -> 50 CUC Bonus
  • 30 CUC -> 50 CUC Bonus
  • 40 CUC -> 100 CUC Bonus
  • 50 CUC -> 100 CUC Bonus
  • 60 CUC -> 150 CUC Bonus
  • 80 CUC – >200 CUC Bonus
So, how much will you go for this time? You may take a pencil and tailor the list of people you want to support or surprise or… why not, both!

How much 3G can I send to Cuba and when?

people using phones in the street in Cuba

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First, there’s no limit. Let’s say, until Cubacel runs out of 3G :) or you run out of internet… 24/7.

Joke aside, you can place as many orders on or from MobileRecharge app (Spanish version available too). But besides 3G you can send Bonuses for calls and more, during the Cubacel promos. BTW, next one is February 24-29.

But of course, you can send 3G to Cuba on any day, whether a Cubacel campaign is running or not. Especially if you’re not hunting the Bonus or if your budget is lower than 20 CUC.

  • 7 CUC order brings 600 MB
  • 10 CUC means 1 GB of data, 20 CUC

If you can go over 20 CUC orders, than it’s best to save those gifts for the  Cubacel promo seasons. :) The main amount you send (not the Bonus) can be used as 3G in Cuba. But you also send the bonus if your order is higher than 20 CUC, which is the biggest plus.

  • 20 CUC order equals to 2.5 GB
  • 30 CUC order equals to 4 GB

Share the information you’ve got

Latino friends

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Don’t expect people to know what you know, and talking about the way you send 3G to Cuba may come in hand for others in your expat community too. Whether you’re a member in a Facebook group or open up the topic with your fellow co-workers or friends, that’s good sharing. And don’t forget any good deed returns to you under the form of some help… someday.

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If 3G is not enough, watch out for Nauta promos

Yes, there are times when Nauta is also on the winner’s podium of offers. Before December 2018, when Cubans started to have full mobile internet access via ETECSA at 3G speeds, Nauta was the only way to browse if you were not a government official or a tourist.

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