4 myths busted plus promos for online shopping to Cuba

Havana, Cuba

There are some myths still there very “true” in the American consciousness that are worth a re-visiting when it comes to Cuba. So, we’ve researched some American visitors’ experience in the country to put down some of these myths about Cuba. And since Cuban fellows abroad are our friends, fans and customers, we couldn’t help not telling you more about the XMASLIGHTS coupon and the new Cubacel promo before Christmas to make the best of the online shopping to Cuba these days. Let’s take them in turn…

Myth busted no.1. No internet in Cuba…

street in Cuba

Come on folks, it’s time we remind the world that Cuba just went through an Internet revolution many people still don’t know about. And somehow that makes sense. If you were not part of it, as many Cubans abroad are since they keep in touch with families there, it’s somehow normal to be left with the idea that there is no internet in Cuba. But yes, that’s a past story, indeed a long story to be nailed in the Cuban contemporary history.

Many Cubans abroad make online shopping to Cuba on MobileRecharge.com and besides the old-school now Nauta credit, they recently add cellular data too. Because Cubans are using it enthusiastically.

Myth busted no.2. Cubans don’t call abroad

Yes, it’s super expensive. But even back in 2015 when internet was not a mobile digit away, Cubans could still engage in online conversations with their folks. Imo appfor video calls for example was highly popular. Here’s what some Oyster employees visiting Cuba remember about their visit.

So to our surprise, we did use the Internet in Cuba, and though slow, it was perfectly serviceable for sending e-mails, checking Facebook and Instagram, and even reading The New York Times. Facetime didn’t work for us, but locals recommend downloading the app imo for video calls and chat before heading to Cuba (it will take too long to download once there). Most of the locals connecting in front of hotels were using imo to speak to relatives outside of the country. In addition, the locals have long been resourceful about working around Cuba’s Internet issues by sharing articles, TV shows, and movies on hard drives and memory sticks. Because the Cuban government can no longer blame the U.S. for its Internet issues, Internet conditions will likely continue to improve. (Kelsey Blodget, “15 things you know about Cuba that aren’t actually true”, Oyster.com)

Myth busted no.3. Cubans don’t watch American shows

Well that’s a bit strange to believe when for many people in Cuba “How I met your mother” is their favorite shows. It’s not the hotels broadcasting CNN and other American channels that most Cubans get share of the American shows and movies. But it is the black market cable segment.

Myth busted no.4. You can’t find American or European brands on the shelves

shops in Cuba

Photo credits: L’odyssée Belle on Unsplash.com

Due to the embargo known in Cuba as the el bloqueo (the blockade), many foreigners believe that you cannot find American or European brands in Cuba. But that’s a myth. The embargo does not prohibit the trade of food and humanitarian supplies or medicine.

That’s why it comes as a surprise for many visitors in Cuba to find Pringles or Red Bull on the store shelves. Also, many relatives abroad send their Cuban families goodies from or bring them along when they visit to compensate shortage. Others use online shopping to Cuba to make it happen.

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