5 memes that prove you’re a Proud Expat

Every expat has his/her own accomplishments that make him/her a Proud Expat. But there are some underlying scenarios that are common to most of us. We’ve written about what our fellow expats are proud of.  But today, we’re in a fun mood. We understand the effort behind the #ProudExpat status, but we also know expats develop a sense of humor that allows them to be easily adaptable and enjoy reality. That’s why we had fun tailoring some memes for you before World Top Up Day 2022 – Proud Expat.

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Does it ring a bell?

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Proud expats have 2 homes, thus double responsibility, and yet they are either super optimistic or trained worry-free gurus. Somehow they are handling it.

Someone once said, “Don’t climb because it’s good for you; climb because it gives you a feeling of being alive.” And that’s exactly what novelty and a better life from a financial and psychological perspective have to offer someone. Expat life comes with appreciation for what you’ve fought for to reach the new land. And appreciation goes hand in hand with motivation.  That’s why people see expats as very ambitious and adaptable, energetic and strong.

The energy comes from the fact that they finally have what they’ve been running after.

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Was Einstein an immigrant himself?

Well, according to several sources he became a German citizen in 1914 and lived in Berli. In 1933 But he gave up his German citizenship for political reasons and emigrated to North American. There he took the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton*. In 1940, he officially became a United States citizen, 5 years before he retired.

Proud Expat - World Top Up Day 2022

According to a poll published by metro.co.uk on 2,000 adults, there are smells that you back to childhood, like “freshly-cut grass, certain meals (such as Bolognese and roast dinner) and crayons” For an expat the need for belonging will activate the receptors for such comfortable smells more easily, leading to a stronger effect. Again, depending where you come from as an expat, the smells will differ, but the ecstatic effect will be stronger than other people. Congrats on the rare ecstasy!

Proud Expat - World Top Up Day 2022

Maj-Britt from ExpatGenius talks about the superpowers that an expat develops thanks to the new environment as well as the adventure that leads to it.

“Skills learned from being abroad:

  • Cultural intelligence.
  • Empathy and ability to relate to people of different personalities and backgrounds.
  • Good observation and listening skills.
  • Enhanced cultural awareness and sensitivity to the traditions and cultural differences and
  • The ability to maintain an open mind and be tolerant of others.
  • Diplomacy, tact and patience.
  • A sense of humour.
  • Flexibility and readiness for change.”

Proud Expat - World Top Up Day 2022

#ProudExpat – World Top Up Day 2022 – November 10

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World Top Up Day 2022

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