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Remember the cool and viral dad videos on the internet when you thought… “Maaaan, things have really changed in education since I was a kid!” And that’s true as the big picture, no doubt about it… But there are many core principles that stayed the same, although having a different face… Or interface, as we call it nowadays. :) MobileRecharge team gave it a thought, and is ready to share.

So, basically, information and understanding opened new doors in child psychology and parents’s behavior. In terms of how we educate… we made big steps, and education has changed for the better. But if you look closer, nature has the same drive, and dads teach and share the same power-puff skills since ever. Just with a different twist from age to age. ;)

Take the Father’s Day 2019 challenge and make yourself a favor :) by acknowledging the skills and features your dad passed on to you. Praise them from your heart, it will unfold some new impressions. And secondly, let’s focus on the present dads’ funny and touchy homemade footage that turned into www community news. Here are 5 dad videos that went viral and are a knock out!

#1 Normal talk please!

If we go back to the past, many of us here in the expat community remember busy dads, tired dads, absent dads… Working hours makes one a different man. But hey, let’s not forget those cuddling arms, the play, the games, some strong words we can still hear in our heads, that familiar behavior we still carry with us… What the cool dads in the dad videos show is not a lot of time together, we don’t know how much they actually spend with the kids, but the type of relationship they develop in the time they have. ;) And if our bonds with our dads are strong, that shows it was the same in our era. :) Eureka!

#2 Working out with dad

Oh, that’s cool! If I could had that…

You had it. Maybe it was not gym time. But working around the house helping your dad is exactly what famous dad movies praise. Spending time together, moving with a purpose, body to body, smile to smile, supporting each other and sharing effort… That is officially a huge trigger for a tight relationship. :)

#3 Party starts sooner nowadays

Right. If you watch any of the many dad videos on the internet where dads play and dance with their kids, you’ll see the only difference is that they start earlier, and have a cooler instrument. What we mean is that we all had our dancing or playing share with our older generation dad. Maybe it was a wedding we went to, or a birthday gathering, or a parents’ party we took part as kids… But nowadays, it’s clear that it’s like a common sense habit to share their hobbies more easily with the kids as part of their routine.

#4 Empowerment & trust, as old as the hills

Were the older generations more independent as kids? Or is it some superficial impression? Hmm… Whatever the conclusion, dad videos that go viral on the internet get the attention because somehow they make kids feel empowered from early age. Makes sense? :)

Think twice next time you think dad was too bossy. The adult generations of today were also empowered by their dads, but the focus and manifestation were different a bit. Remember getting tasks from an early age? Or getting enough trust and freedom to try out things for yourself? That’s empowerment, we just didn’t call it that way. ;)

#5 Dad-gifts (literally) in dad videos

The big Christmas gift from long-distance dad became a trend in the soldiers’ families. It started with one video and then the soldier dad videos went on for kids’ sake. It drove strong emotional reactions in the sons and daughters, and also in common people who witnessed it all. The soldier dad videos have made the world tour via different publications. We’ll share only 1 dad video of the kind here for our expat fans. They know the feeling of being away and missing dad, no matter the age.

BTW, talking about gifts, just wanted to let you know…

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