Best Cubacel Offer in town for all 1,4 million Cubans abroad

In 2015, more than 11% of the Cuban citizens lived outside their motherland according to the UN Migration Agency. That is 1,426,271 of Cuban expats spread across the globe, especially in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. What’s loveable about Cubans is that they never cut off the umbilical cord with mother Cuba. They continue to support their friends and family, and the current Cubacel offer on is the Best Cubacel Offer in months to send mobile credit to Cuba. Yuppy hey!

The current promotion stands out in a battle of deals on the global market, all addressed to Cuban expats. While other providers offer a Special Cubacel Bonus, cuts off more profit to help Cubans save big on their Cubacel top ups.

Pay $18.50 and send 50 CUC

The February 2017 promotion is the Best Cubacel Offer in months. It gets closer to Triple Bonus Cubacel offer. Remember that? The top up procedure remains the same.

  • Take a minute to fill in the necessary details for the recharge of the mobile in Cuba: Cuba, Cubacel and the phone number.
  • Write a FREE SMS to your Cuban mom, sister, wife or friend before taking out your Credit card or getting ready your Paypal account to pay.
  • Double check all details! Put the smile ON!

Pay $55.5 and send 150 CUC

MobileRecharge team came up not only with the Best Cubacel Offer in town this February, but to help you make the best out of the best, recommends certain values. Have a look below and decide which suits your budget and wish. An almost “triple bono” applies on all 3 cases.

Imagine you pay $55.5 dollars for a meal in a restaurant, and you get two more dishes. That’s a good deal right? You can share the two extra with your guests, while the Cubacel Bonus goes to someone you care about, living in Cuba. So, what we’re saying is that, if you replace plates with mobile credit packages, the result is the same in terms of quantity.


Why this Cubacel offer and not some other

  • You can send up to 94.5  CUC as Cubacel credit for FREE!
  • It may be a one time offer that resembles Triple Bono and that makes it the best Cubacel offer in months
  • This offer is uniquely hosted on
  • It takes seconds and not minutes to send credit to mobiles in Cuba
  • You can send top ups to as many mobiles as needed within the same promotion, unlike in a coupon promotion
  • There are no hidden fees
  • You can make the recharge on the go, via MobileRecharge app which is free to install
  • The recharge is instant, the Bonus comes immediately after
  • You have 24/7 Support for any questions you’ve got, in both English and Spanish
  • The transaction is 100% secure; check the labels on the website.