Valentine’s Day? Let’s have a FUN CONTEST this year!

We experienced 3 centuries of hearts, red roses and Cupid on Valentine’s Day… Did you get tired? Don’t you feel sometimes, it’s time to move on into Present and make Valentine’s Day wear more modern clothes? Let’s “upcycle” this holiday! Maybe make it more fun, more personal, more creative and troll-like, just like the times we live. We guess so…

WIN A FREE TOP UP while laughing!

Think about it! We all have at least a funny dating story to share. That’s why we open up a CONTEST on Facebook powered by and any comment is welcome! Any brief story is soooo welcome!

A FREE TOP UP from is ready to be given away in the Facebook contest before Valentine’s Day. Funny dating stories! One line is perfect, two sublime.

Tell your FUNNY dating moment in a sentence

Dating is nowadays so casual and diverse in manifestation. People choose so many different places and ways to go out together. Some meet in the basketball field stalls on a blind date, others get together on a fancy restaurant to get out of routine. Many conventional and unconventional contexts come to my mind now…

But what they may all have in common is a funny story. And if there is a particular story top of your head, share it in our Facebook community to turn FUN into the no.1 celebration on Valentine’s Day. How does it sound?

How it works

Join us on Facebook, on the expat community called, no other mysterious name. Anyone who leaves their comment to the contest post on February 9, enters the competition automatically.

  • Comments are welcome until February 13, 2017.
  • Valentine’s Day Contest entries welcomed starting February 9!!!!!
  • The winner will be randomly selected among those who left a comment and will get a FREE TOP UP from on February 14, 2017.