MobileRecharge celebrates Dia del Corazon Latino for the first time in history

Can you imagine a world without Latin spirit, without their passion and love for life, music, food, good vibes and strong family principles? Neither could we! That’s why we want to celebrate every heart that beats in a Latin rhythm in a special day that meets all the spicy requirements.

We proclaim 15th of October “Dia del Corazon Latino”
as we’re trying to remind everyone of the joy Latino people brought to world.


Honor & family…  come always first!

Even though there are a lot of peculiarities between them, all Hispanics seem to have an inner spark that lights up the room, that fills in the empty spaces and that unites them in spirit and heart, no matter the distance.

They never joke about honor, keeping a promise or family matters and could even teach us something about manners and creative thinking. Family comes first and Latinos know this best. They never forget to say “Happy Birthday”, they never neglect an anniversary, they are always there when you need them and they are always the one that surprise you with an unexpected gift as a mobile top up.


Then comes samba…

No party would be great without a touch of Latino music, just like no romance would be the same without a dance, no better word for passion like tango and no more settling arguments on the dance floor if it wasn’t for the “sangre caliente” driven people.

Let’s face it, who can imagine a world without pinatas, serenades and siestas? Who?


Then comes salsa!

It’s all about brave, bold and beautiful colors when it comes to food and flavors. Whether you are a gifted cook or highly talented at ordering, every traditional dish will taste as delicious as it sound: tortillas, tamales, tacos, pupusas, arepas, guacamole, pico de gallo, mole, chimichurri, chili, pebre, etc. Let’s not forget about the perfect blend between their amazing food and passion for music: salsa! Who else has the same name for a dance and a sauce?

Wait no more and start the celebration right now!
Whether you belong to a Latino family, you have a Latino friend or you simply love Mexican enchiladas, Dia del Cozaron Latino involves you too.


Start the celebration with a $5 top up to any Latino country in the world: Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Chile, Ecuador, Spain and many many more.