What happens when Digicel is not a stranger…

One thing is sure! You didn’t get on this page by accident. You’re probably checking our blog or looking for Digicel on purpose. If you replace today’s hero-word “Digicel” with any other operator you can discover a whole story you didn’t even know existed. Because there are two different aspects: a reality outside of you and the value you give to things. Or else, Digicel is what you were looking for, and this means there is a story you and Digicel share. Let’s dig more and see what this story is!

We start from the idea that any object, name, or brand we interact with gets our personal value, a personal story due to what we personally experience around that thing.

Let’s take a moment and see what’s beyond a simple name like Digicel. When Digicel was born as a network 13 years ago, it stood for a telecom company supporting digital communication (see the name digi + cell phone) in the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Central America. It is now a character in your life and globally speaking a large network and a famous sponsor.

What does Digicel stand for in your life?

1. A giver you look up to, or an opportunity you didn’t miss!

best_valueYou may be connected to Digicel as a participant, organizer or fan of the events Digicel sponsors. Whether the Special Olympics, West Indies cricket team or Caribbean Premier League, you are one piece of any of these stories that take place for a while now. If Digicel Foundation rings a bell, you’re part of that story and Digicel is part of your life. In this case it is more than an operator. It is a context, an opportunity.

2. A woman you love

Yes, it sounds strange on a first look, but there’s a holy logic about this statement. If Digicel is a familiar phone number you feel like calling and calling and calling, it may be the number of the person you love.

Or, it could be the Digicel number you top up because you like to send a gift from times to times through MobileRecharge.com.

3. Your family

Why your family?! Well, remember the Digicel number you top up with MobileRecharge.com from times to times? It may be a Digicel cell phone in El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Guyana, Greanada, Fiji or any other of the 30 countries on MobileRecharge.com. For the MobileRecharge Team this is a successful transaction ready in less than 1 minute. But for you it is a gift to someone in your family. Even if you look at the whole thing differently, it is a helping hand you give to your family, or a way to support those people who were there for you when you needed it too. So, what’s in a name, but the mere story of a relationship?

4. A place and time you can’t forgetplace

Remember the number you put down on a napkin, or in your agenda? It was a Digicel number. And maybe you haven’t seen the person whose number that was, maybe you miss her/him, or may be there was a great story around that. But you can still remember the light in that moment, the sun shining through the window of the cafeteria. Or the rain applauding through the roof of the museum. Or the smell of tea or fresh bread in your friend’s kitchen. Or maybe the Digicel number reached you by SMS at the open gates of a garage where you stop to fix your car, and you can still feel the car gas smell or that of the engine oil.

Wrap up 

Being conscious about the value that names have for us is to understand the role certain situations related to that name play in our lives. Digicel is our pretext or one case study appropriate for many of our customers. But try to ask yourself from times to times “What does this X or Y thing mean to me? What memories or feelings does it trigger?” and just notice what stories unfold in your memory or imagination. And enjoy that moment! It’s just the modern version of Juliet’s wondering from Romeo and Juliet: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.”