8 truths about international top up fans on MobileRecharge.com

There is always a loss and a gain in any game, and this is also true when it comes to pros and cons of online vs. offline stores. There are mainly advantages for working with online stores to make an international top up or for other reasons. But how to satisfy the socializing function or compensate for the community bound? Yes, there are the social pages, let’s not forget that. But somehow it seems to be a party on a different planet though.

To compensate, we made some research and are now ready to unfold  8 truths about the international top up fans who love MobileRecharge.com. Let’s meet and see who we are! Enjoy! 

MR infographic_final




When there is a big loss we need to compensate. That is why we thought to put data together for you and share the facts about who you are and what you like besides international top up with MobileRecharge.com.

Online stores, like MobileRecharge.com, help you save time and money, meaning the purchase is quick and comfortably-made from top of your armchair and even on the go. And that’s a jackpot.  Normally, you cannot bump into someone you know on an online store, meet up with your neighbors or get to know people alike. And that is why, it’s fun to socialize on Facebook or Twitter, or have a peek into the customers registration book by reading such compiled data.