Do you pay enough attention to Customer Service when choosing a service?

Did it ever happen to you to call Customer Support and “press 1” then “press 2” and finally get no answer at all? Or did you hung up after waiting on the line for a lot of time? Because somehow you understood nobody was going to help you at the other end? We’ve all been there before… right?

Strong points of really good Customer Support

– They are available 24/7
– You can find them by chat, email and social media instant messaging (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)… wherever you are
– They can speak several languages; team uses English and  Spanish constantly, but also other languages occasionally, according to customer nationality and speakers availability
– They are kind and emphatic staff
– They have contact-back options
– FAQ list or Search box for independent users

3 cases you may need Customer Support

It’s so important to pay attention to aspects above and check what kind of Customer Support your provider offers. Ideally, there’s no way you’ll ever need their help, but what if? 

To get confirmation

Being skeptical is 100% understandable in an ocean with marketing sharks. And that’s why many people need confirmation related to how a purchase should be carried out, steps to take, available options, different account settings and how apps work. welcomes any questions:
by email
by chat
via social media messaging

People say you’re not too patientcontact_MR

There are people whose temper keep them in a hurry. On the one hand, some say these people are not patient enough. On the other, they are the ones who determine improvements in the world. They need it all in a nutshell, delivered to their doorstep, all the gist in a few words. They are the ones who lose interest or get irritated easily when they cannot find what they’re looking for in the first 5 seconds.

If all this sounds familiar, you can open a chat window or drop a line to Customer Support and explain what you need., for example
gets back to you by email in less than 1 hour
calls you back or replies to your Facebook message right away.

You want to send your feedback

Usually people use review website like or to express their opinion related to a service. But when it comes to suggestions for improvements, Customer Support is sometimes willing to take over such feedback and send it to the appropriate specialists.

Look for Customer SupportCS_OK_1hand

On the website 

On Facebook 

On Twitter 

On G+



What do customers like about except Customer Service?