April’s promotions bring extra credit for national and international calls and SMS, Internet & more gifts

April orders bring extra rewards on your international top ups of mobiles in other countries. Let’s have a look over the most popular promotions in April!

  • Internet Credit on Top ups to Colombia

    Colombian expats whose relatives use a Movistar cell phone are the lucky senders of  the Bonus. It consists of data. More specifically,

    • for refills between 5 USD – 7,9 USD on MobileRecharge.com, the beneficiary gets something extra: 50 MB for Internet navigation.
    • for refills from 8 USD and above, customers will receive 120MB.

    The navigation bonus has an expiration date of 30 days once applied. It applies for all prepaid plans.

  • Mobiles in Costa Rica receive 100% extra

    From April 7th to May 1st, Costa Rican expats are encouraged to send mobile credit to Kolbi mobiles in Costa Rica, that belong to their families or friends. The 100% free extra Bonus of this promotion consists of:

    • International Calls
    • Domestic calls within the Kolbi Network
    • International SMS, MMS and Internet Usage

    This promotion is a playful one. The Bonus applies for different number termination on different days:
    – Monday: 1/2
    – Tuesday: 3/4
    – Wednesday: 5/6
    – Thursday: 7/8
    – Friday: 9/0

    The Bonus expires in 7 days from the actual date of the top up. And the last day of the promotion is May 1st (23:59 on May 1st CR Local Time).
    Other restrictions may apply depending on the end users plan. User must contact Kolbi’s customer service for more information.

  • 200% Calling Credit & Selfie Sticks for relatives in El Salvador

    This current promotion brings:

    • 200% extra calling balance
    • plus gifts such as a selfie stick and a Napster music service.

    Details about these gifts can be found on MobileRecharge.com. The bonus is meant to facilitate top ups to Movistar mobiles in El Salvador, no matter the distance in between. OK, so, El Salvadorians living abroad will send extra credit when they make a top up to a Movistar mobile in El Salvador until  April 19th. Another condition to get the Bonus is to make a top up of minimum USD 10 and up.
    – For refills from $10 and above, customers will receive triple (3X) balance + selfie stick + 2 weeks of Napster service.
    – Triple balance will apply only to selected prepaid plans.
    – Promotional gift applies to all Prepaid and Flex plans.
    – In order to activate Napster service recipients must send a SMS to 700 SEND with the word VERANO (This service must be requested within 7 days of refill).
    – Promotion applies until April 19th or while supplies last.

  • 20% extra credit for top ups to Orange Madagascar

    MadagascarIf you think of Madagascar as you think of home, there must be a reason: whether it is the cradle of your childhood or a place you got attached to during your traveling days. No wonder! Pure beauty at home!

    This 20% promotion for expats who left Madagascar is a way to support top ups of cell phones in the motherland. There are few requirements though. The Bonus applies only to top up values of 40000 MGA and only on orders made on MobileRecharge.com until April 18th, 2015.

    The bonus is valid for 10 days from the moment the mobile credit refill was completed.

  • National & international calls for your relatives in Honduras

    Are you one of those generous guys or ladies who want to send mobile credit to a mobile in Honduras? Then, MobileRecharge.com is the place. Because several promotions are running weekly for refills to Honduars.  The current promotion lasts until April 30, 2015. Bonus is valid for 15 to 30 days according to the value recharged, applies for refills of minimum USD 6, and consists of:

    • Calls inside the Tigo HN Network and all networks
    • Calls to the USA & Canada

    Now there’s an economic game to this promotion. The 200% free mobile credit applies on different days to different numbers according to the ending digit of the number recharged. here is the scheme:

    – Monday: 0/1
    – Tuesday: 2/3
    – Wednesday: 4/5
    – Thursday:6/7
    – Friday:8
    – Saturday: 9

  • Send credit to Mexico for national calls


    Top ups to Telcel bring a Bonus constantly. For Top ups over $10 USD customers will receive Promotional Balance on their “Saldo Regalo/ Gift Balance” according to the certain rules. For example, for refills $10 USD customers will receive $20MXN; expiration date is in 60 days. More information can be found on the website.

    Saldo Regalo/Gift Balance can be used for local and national calls in Mexico to any land line, Telcel or other Mobile Operators.
    – Promotional balance can be used for National Text Messages to all Mobile Operators.
    – Promotional balance can be used for National Internet Browsing.

    The current Movistar promotion is active until April 19th (Mexico time).  For refills of $5 or more, customers will receive additional 50 minutes for long distance calls and 100 SMS.

    The promotional bonus applies for USA and Canada calls, and for all prepaid plans.

More promotions coming up!

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