Free data and minutes when you send credit to Cubacel this November

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Whenever you need to send credit to Cubacel because your family is there or your friends, there’s also a way for you to save some bucks for yourself. Win-win. Like the Cubacel data promo starting November 8, that adds up to 6GB of data and 120 minutes to international top ups to Cuba.

So, start looking closely in your wallet and get a list done with all the Cubacel numbers you need to recharge these days. Do you feel like Santa Claus again? With that list in front? Well, you are somehow. But you don’t need to grow a beard… :)

And then the salesperson in your mind kicks in and asks: “How much”. And then it’s time to split. So, send credit to Cubacel that ranges CUP 500 – 1250 for each top up to get the Bonus as well.

Then the altruist kicks in and asks: but how could I send my sis more data and my mom less, and my uncle some?

Anyway, there are 2 bonus types for this Cubacel promotion. One is 3GB Data + 60 minutes bonus. You get that you order: 500 CUP, 650 CU or 700 CUP. And the 6GB data + 120 minutes when order: 1000 CUP, 1125 CUP , 1250 CUP.

send credit to Cubacel
Split your budget and plan your top ups according to their needs. But also your budget. Here are some tips.

You need data bonus and have several top ups to Cuba

So, first, there are 2 options when it comes to data bonus: 3GB or 6GB.

A 3GB of data will allow you to browse the internet for around 36 hours, to stream 600 songs or to watch 6 hours of standard-definition video. That’s one scenario. Or your family member or friend in Cuba can listen to high-quality music on Spotify for more than 20 hours and play online real-time multiplayer games for 10 days.

Some use 6GB per month doing anything they want, with no restriction. But theoretically, you’ll be able to browse the internet for approximately 72 hours in total, to stream 1,200 songs or watch 12 hours of online video in standard definition.

If you want the lowest values when you send credit to Cubacel numbers because you have a longer list to top up, you could go for one of the 2 minimum values:

  • CUP 500 order and get 3GB and 60 minutes
  • 1000 CUP order and add 6GB extra plus 120 minutes.

You need data bonus but also minutes and your list is short

Well, in this case, you have these options to send credit to Cubacel phones:

  • 750 CUP and the bonus is: 3GB + 60 minutes
  • 1125 CUP for 1125 CUP + bonus :of 6GB Data + 120 minutes
  • 1250 CUP and send 1250 CUP + 6GB Data + 120 minutes bonus
Bonus for Cubacel top ups with MobileRecharge

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Here are all the options in this campaign if you want to send credit to Cubacel and add BONUSES:

500 CUP – 3GB Data + 60 minutes bonus
650 CUP – 3GB Data + 60 minutes bonus
750 CUP – 3GB Data + 60 minutes bonus
1000 CUP – 6GB Data + 120 minutes bonus
1125 CUP – 6GB Data + 120 minutes bonus
1250 CUP – 6GB Data + 120 minutes bonus

Need an extra tip?

On November 10, World Top Up Day, you pay zero processing fees for your top ups. So, you can split your top up list on the calendar as well. Prioritize who needs the credit now and who in your Cuban family could get the credit and bonus later, while helping you save on the fee.

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