Free mobile top ups in the expat community on Facebook: MobileRecharge

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Why would a brand go for free mobile top ups and other giveaways? And even better, free mobile top ups for 1 year for 5 people. Yes, you heard it well! Oh, that’s simple. We’re getting ready for World Top Up Day 2021, an event praising expats’ generosity. And how do we praise them otherwise than by being generous? The gift season starts on October 26 and lasts until November 10, World Top Up Day powered by, when a big surprise will blow out: ZERO FEES on all top ups.

Basically, we drop the processing fees that otherwise cover for all the international transactions that make possible a minute recharge from country to country, for example. OK, but besides that join the Facebook community on Facebook again for an iPhone 13 prize in the contest starting November 2. Whoever wins the draw for the iPhone, also gets a free Tello SIM for US use and the lowest rates on the US market, plus a first-month free plan of $19, that includes: 4GB data, unlimited talk & text within the US.

How can I win free mobile top ups for 1 year?

First, remember chances are high. And this last week in October, it’s more than a free top up given away on the MobileRecharge Facebook page. We’re talking 1-year free mobile top up subscription for 5 people in the MobileRecharge community.

Click the image below that will lead you to the page, an expat community around international mobile top ups. These days around free mobile top ups. :)

  1. Leave a comment
  2. Wait for the verdict (visit at the end of the weekend or Follow to get the news in your feed).
  3. Open a free account on and send instant mobile top ups abroad.

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What’s the next giveaway before World Top Up Day?

An iPhone 13, that comes with a free-month Tello US plan otherwise worth of $19 (4GB of DATA and unlimited talk & text). Plus a FREE SIM. No strings attached after the free month. So, watch the feed >>

Oh, did we mention Tello Mobile also has free international calls along with the low US rates? Well, you may want to drop an eye at Tello plans.

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BONUSES make a good deal for mobile top ups

We recommend PROMOS. All season on Check the BONUSES on international mobile recharges.