How to get a free top up for your family this Easter, the simplest way possible

We bet you’re one of those people buying mobile credit online for you, to save time, or for your relatives or friends abroad, to support them. Guess what? This Easter, the planetary activity astrologists are talking about these days is already intensifying reality. So, this Easter, when a gift pops up, don’t say no or maybe, just take it. Here is one: there’s a Contest on Facebook, powered by, and the giveaway is a free international top up. The effort required is like dancing on your favorite tune.

There are other possibilities to get free mobile credit for your folks and friends at distance. Promotions for example!

Promotions in April. Oh, yeah!

These days Cubacel is giving away a Bonus of 20 minutes and SMS on every top up of a Cubacel mobile in Cuba of 15-20 CUC. The offer is available between April 11-13, 2017, and the extra 20 CUC get to the people in Cuba instantly, before you finish saying Hola!

Dominicans from Dominican Republic living in the USA, Canada or elsewhere in the world, get 20% extra when they buy minimum $5 for their relatives’ mobiles in Dominican Republic. The bonus on top ups to Claro mobile phones in Dominican Republic is available until the end of September, 2017.

Those who have relatives in Saint Lucia can automatically send 200 XCD while paying 100 XCD with the recent offer on top up to Digicel mobiles. The promotion runs till the end of April.

The contest on Facebook has already started on Facebook page, so jump in!

Take the challenge. Join the CONTEST!

Just answer the question “What do you like most about Easter” and leave your answer in a comment on Facebook. You then automatically join the race for a free top up for someone in your family or a remote friend whom you’d like to surprise or support.

How long does the contest last?

Good question! The contest is open from April 4 to Monday, April 11, 2017. So, there is a whole weekend to forget about it, then remember to add you comment, and then forget, and finally add your honest and magic word(s).

#1 Voting, jury or random pick?

The winner will be randomly picked with the help of an online tool like Woobox. This Easter, hazard is the jury!

#2 How will I know who got the sur-PRIZE

As easy as sneezing! team picks the winner randomly using an online tool, then a social media rep will let everyone know who won the FREE top up.

If you’re the winner we’ll get back to you with of the rest.