Easter Promotion helps you save big on Cubacel top ups from abroad

There are over 1,500,000 Cubans outside their motherland as of 2015, according to the International Organisation for Migration. In other words, 11.13% of all citizens of Cuba live outside their native country. The current Easter Promotion on MobileRecharge.com addresses this courageous and warm-hearted category that spiced up the American culture with their presence.

What does this Easter promotion bring NEW?

Some good news for the 1 billion Cubans in the USA!  Cubacel top ups receive EXTRA national and/or international minutes and SMS between April 11-13. But how much? Well, depending on everyone’s budget, the Bonus is different.

Say, you are a Cuban expat interested in sending Cubacel top ups to your family on Easter, and you have the equivalent of 15 CUC available for each member. No matter the currency of your credit/debit card, everyone in your family gets 20 national calls and 20 SMS representing 8.8 CUC BONUS for your order of $15.

The Cubacel credit can also be used for international calls, and your relative in Cuba can thus save 34 CUC (that is your BONUS). In this case you send 15 CUC + 20 international minutes and 20 international SMS, which makes the promotion even more attractive. The bonus depends not on the sender, but the person who uses the Cubacel Bonus Credit they receive. Of course, the friend or relative in Cuba can make both national and international calls with the Cubacel credit he or she receives from abroad, and then the Bonus will be a value in between. Does it make sense?

Let’s take a look at every option in turn, considering the relative or friend in Cuba makes only national calls. But remember, the Cubacel credit can also be used for international calls to the USA or elsewhere.

Send EXTRA 20 minutes & 20 SMS for international calls from Cuba

Say you pick the minimum value. The order will be the equivalent of 15 CUC. As we were explaining above, the Bonus that applies on the Cubacel top up you send is 8.8 CUC. That brings your relative / friend:

  • 20 international calls at 1.1 $/min

  • 20 international SMS at 0.6 $/min

Send EXTRA 60 minutes & 60 SMS for international calls from Cuba 

If the order is higher, say 45 CUC, one receives 26.4 CUC BONUS, split as such:

  • 21 CUC free for 60 international calls at 1.1 $/min

  • 5.4 CUC for 60 international SMS at 0.6 $/min 

Send EXTRA 80 minutes & 80 SMS for international calls from Cuba 

If you are more generous with your Cubacel top ups for Easter, or you have one person only to send mobile credit gift to, go for a 60 CUC order. This brings automatically 35.2 CUC BONUS, that your mom or sister or friend in Cuba can use as such:

  • 28 CUC free for 80 international calls at 1.1 $/min

  • 7.2 CUC for 80 international SMS at 0.6 $/min