What’s new this year on International Corazon Latino Day?

The International Corazon Latino Day was set up with one single purpose: to invite all Latinos to come together whatever their origin country.

You’re also welcome to the party! Since last Year the rhythm was set by Gozadera, this year you decide what Latino song gets your party started. Plus, we’ve created a top with the funnies things all Latinos have in common: “Eres Latino si.


corazon latino








Corazon Latino Day is an international fiesta of all the Latino nations in the whole world, which means national boundaries are down, exactly what all expats appreciate about the world! :)

What hasn’t changed from last year

#1 It’s still on October 15, and the Facebook party starts on October 14.

#2 It celebrates the spectacular Latino spirit.

#3 We’ll celebrate it with music… once again!

#4 Your opinion is WANTED!

On Friday, October 14, you are welcome to say out loud: What’s the Latino song that gets your party started? Let’s all share and compare… Learn about each other, feel our Latino spirit in the Facebook Community.

What’s NEW

#1 There are more Latino expats in the world than last year.

#2 This year, Dia del Corazon Latino is also about humor, besides music.

#3 New Latino friends joined our Facebook community.

#4 We’ve put together some traits that make Corazon Latino Day worth spending together, no matter the origin country.

Corazon Latino