11 benefits you shouldn’t miss about this Cubacel promotion

Every ethnic group in the diaspora has their popular words. More precisely, those phrases which ring a bell. Well, MobileRecharge.com friends can understand that, because 90% of them are expats.  

For Cubans abroad the keyword that rings a bell is “Super Bono” or “Doble Bono” or “Triple Bono”.  You can find it within roomers among friends, text messages and Google searches. It’s a strong word kicking and running like a train, tasty and attractive like a bowl of crisps at a party. And that is only because it’s the easiest way Cubans can send mobile credit online to their families and friends back home.

A new Cubacel promotion is ON. We decided to have an X-ray on the strong points of this Cubacel promotion on MobileRecharge.com. Let’s cut to the point. Here are at least 11 advantages of this Cubacel promotion.

You can send more than Double Bonus during this Cubacel promotion


Cubacel promotion


















The main balance & the Bonus get to Cuba fast

You can send a free text message along with your top up


Cubacel promotion














Payment is possible with any major credit card and PayPal

Cubacel promotion





The Bonus balance is valid for more than a month


We recommend you use the promotional bonus before November 30, 2016 at 23:59 Cuba time. This is actually the validity of the Bonus of this Cubacel promotion. Any balance that is left unused after November 30 will no longer be available for your friend or family member in Cuba. But another good news is that your folk or friend in Cuba will receive an SMS a few days before the bonus expires. Sounds good, right? 

The Bonus may be used for domestic and international calls, SMS, MMS, and Data (Nauta)

The main balance you send will be valid for 330 days

Customers can check their balance for free via USSD (*222#) 

You save time, money and support someone easily

You can top up from a PC or MobileRecharge app for iOS and Android

It takes few seconds only to send Cubacel credit and a Super Bonus


Just take few seconds to fill in the order form below. No contract needed, no hidden fees, no hassle and no constraints. Click on the form below to move forward!

Cubacel promotion