4 things that will make Cubans abroad happy: first American credit card for Cuba, Cuban Olympians, Cubacel Super Bono and last minute vacations

There is always good news in the world. Whether we’re talking about our family, our job, our country, our soul, we just need to look for it in the right place.

Take Cuba, for example. There is much political and economic controversy. There’s also a lot to work to fill in the gaps for a democratic society. Yet, Cubans have one of the best preserved culture despite or because of this controversy. Plus, Cubans have taken risks and gave themselves the chance to know a better world thanks to the dissatisfaction with the local possibilities. We’re talking  about expats here. 

According to MigrationsMap.net, in 2007 there were more than 100,000 Cubans outside their motherland in 2007. Larger groups were registered in the USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, etc. 

Leaving aside aspects that surpass our knowledge and sometimes understanding or right to interfere, let’s see what are some good news Cubans abroad can get enthusiastic about these days.

#1 Last minute family visits to Cuba can be cheaper

This is more of a reminder than a new thing for all Cuban friends in the USA or elsewhere outside Cuba. Don’t forget Mid-August is close and school summer break will come to an end soon. So, if you haven’t managed to find the time to visit your relatives in Cuba, it’s not too late.

Myth busted! It is not necessarily more expensive to buy flight tickets in the last minute. On the contrary. Look for last minute offers on flights to Cuba on Flying.com or other expat platforms.

#2 Super Bono is here between August 8-12 for top ups to Cubacel mobiles in Cuba

CubacelBetween August 8-12, 2016, all international top ups over $20 you send to a Cubacel mobile in Cuba receive 30 CUC automatically. The top up gets instantly and the Bonus soon after.

And there are top up bulks that can bring a fat Super Bono, much more than Doble Bono.

Let’s be more specific. All recharges between 20 and 60 CUC will get the fat Super Bonus. Check the neighbouring image! Just make up your mind what amount you want to send, and follow 3 easy steps that take few seconds:

  • Go to MobileRecharge.com and make sure you have a free account
  • Enter top up details, including an amount between $20 and $60. Double check the number in Cuba
  • Choose to send a FREE SMS to the person in Cuba you order the top up for before you proceed to payment.

Oh, besides Cubacel credit via MobileRecharge.com, all of you having relatives, friends, crying nephews, curious cousins, dancing partners or childhood buddies in Cuba, can send Nauta credit to their accounts in seconds.

#4 Cuban and American bankers have something important to discuss

Miami Herald had something important to announce on August 8, 2016. Stonegate, a small Florida bank “issued the first U.S. credit card designed to work in Cuba on June 15, making it easier for American companies to do business on the island.” (MIMI WHITEFIELD in Miami Herald, August 8; read the entire article here)

In Havana, Stonegate CEO, David Seleski also mentioned: “By having a credit card now, people will be able to use corporate travel down here, just like any other country.” (Source: VoaNews.com)

It comes as a natural measure for bankers to meet, after December 17, 2014. They started to further the relations between Cuba and the USA, so there is hope things between Cuba and the USA get on the normal track step by step. Considering there haven’t been banking interactions between the two countries since 1960, what this small regional Florida bank is making is something no one did before. And it’s called “making history.” 

#3 Cubans in the Olympics will make you proud

CubacelDon’t miss the Cuban sports men and women in the Summer Olympics at Rio. The Games started on August 5 and will be held until August 21. There are famous Cuban Olympians who will make your heart feel proud you are Cuban.

Here is a link with the schedule of the Cuban performances in several sports, whether it’s boxing, athletics, gymnastics, or judo.

Talking about judo, MobileRecharge.com recommends the 26 year old Cuban judo player, Idalys Ortiz. She was the youngest to receive a medal in Judoka. In 2008, she was awarded the bronze medal in Beijing, China. In Rio, her ambition is to get the golden medal.

Also, someone we’ll follow is the wrestler Mijaín López. He is 33, and represented Cuba twice. In 2008 and 2012 he got the golden medal in the Summer Olympics, and is now close to the end of his career. That’s why he fights to get a third golden medal this year at Rio.

Summary for Cubans on the go

There is always good news in store. Remember to look for it! For Cuban expats, the famous publication Miami Herald has announced on August 8th, 2016, the talks among Cuban and American bankers for the first American card in Cuba. MobileRecharge.com announces a Super Bono for all top ups to Cubacel mobiles until August 12, Cuba time. The same platform, MobileRecharge.com, that serves ethnic groups worldwide recommends at least two famous Cubans in the Olympics, Mijaín López and  Idalys Ortiz. Oh, and those who plan to take advantage of the last days of school break, please consider the last minute offers for Cuba vacation.