January offers on mobile recharge to help your folks using Movistar

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First, happy new year, dear expats, travelers and independent top uppers! 2020 is already fuelling in some cool stuff for us, so here’s the line up of the offers on mobile recharge in January. They hit the market and already made friends and families happy with the Movistar extra credit. Meanwhile, thousands of expats managed to save big on their mobile recharges back home to their long-distance folks. Good news for Latinos abroad for the moment!

By the way, did you know Movistar is a sporty and pro cycling bunch of friends besides your mom’s or dad’s local operator? Here’s the proof. ;)

400% Bonus on your international top ups to Movistar Panama this month

These days, magic is happening to your top ups to Movistar phone numbers thanks to the latest offers on mobile recharge in Panama. Let’s be more precise! 400% BONUS applies automatically and that’s what your family member or friend in Panama gets extra, besides your top up. Second round of good news, no validity limit. Even better!

The offer is open until the end of January 2020. And all you need to do is to fill in the form with your mobile recharge details.

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400% BONUS for Movistar Argentina phones too

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Our fans who recharge Movistar ARGENTINA numbers on regular basis! Be aware that January comes with offers on mobile recharge for you too.  400% Bonus applies for your folks you send top ups to.

Validity of the bonus? 7 days. And the credit can be used for voice calls, SMS and internet browsing. Pretty diverse, right? Go for it until the offers for mobile recharge gets old fashioned: January 31.

Here‘s the online form to send your top up plus bonus. It takes seconds, and no contract is required.

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International calling credit BONUS on your top ups to Movistar Colombia

Yes, if you top up a mobile phone number in Colombia, you’re the lucky winner of some good bonus these days. More precisely, this January. Any top up you send your folks in Colombia, using a Movistar number, gets an automatic bonus that comprise 20 international minutes to the USA, CANADA and PUERTO RICO. Bonus is valid for 5 days. Is that OK, a lot or enough? :)

In case you’re ready to surprise your folks in Colombia, here’s the online form below. Take a sec to fill in, no contract needed.

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200% Bonus for Movistar users in Costa Rica, plus WhatsApp messaging

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More mobile phone top up deals for COSTA RICA this month. This time, Movistar segment there… You add an automatic 200% BONUS each time you send Movistar credit in January. The bonus is valid for longer, no validity limit that is. Oh, and your folk or friend also gets 6 day of WhatsApp. The minimum order amount on MobileRecharge.com for the bonus to apply is CRC 5000. So, plan well and hurry before January 31, 2020.