Relaxing things to do this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our thoughts are slowly but steadily starting to drift away from the things we’re supposed to do towards the things we can’t wait to do.

Will my Thanksgiving menu satisfy all my guests’ tastes? Is there anything I need to get on Black Friday? Should I start making my Christmas shopping list? These are the questions that go through our minds these days while we’re working, commuting, or just lying in bed. But let’s take things step by step. First? America’s most traditional holiday!

Thanksgiving comes not only with food, friends, and family, but also with free time and relaxing activities meant to help us decompress and disconnect from the stress of daily life. Here are some of the best activities we’d like to immerse ourselves into these days, the most relaxing things to do on Thanksgiving:

1. Volunteer for a cause you care about

There’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving than by doing a good deed, making a donation, or volunteering for a cause close to your heart. It’s the best time to give back to the community and pay it forward. Share what you can with those in need and you’ll be amply repaid in thanks and gratitude. After all, what else is Thanksgiving about?

2. Play a gratitude game

You can involve everyone you’re spending Thanksgiving with in a nice game that will enhance the spirit of the holiday. Each one of you will write down a person, an object, a memory, a place, and a skill you are grateful for. Then you will take turns reading your lists out loud and also explaining your reasons for choosing your items.

3. Start a Thanksgiving movie marathon

Second only to Christmas films, Thanksgiving films are a genre of their own. They get us in the right holiday mood and set a cozy atmosphere. Gather your loved ones around the TV in the living room, find comfy seats, bring some holiday treats and try to decide which is the best Thanksgiving film ever made.

4. Write appreciation cards for everyone

Whether you’re a Thanksgiving dinner guest or the host, it would be very sweet of you to take the time to write a thank you card for everyone invited. It would spark some nice conversations and it would highlight the holiday spirit. People would appreciate your effort and honesty, and you would instantly put a smile on their faces.

5. Organize a mini pumpkin hunt

You know those cute tiny pumpkins that make for great fall decorations? You could stock up on a few of them and hide them around the house or even outside. It will be great fun for the kids (and adults alike) to look for them and remember the more famous Easter egg hunts in spring. There can even be prizes and treats involved!

6. Play a traditional football game

What’s a stronger tradition on Thanksgiving than playing football? We can’t think of one! So gather everyone together, form two teams, and get the game started!

7. Bake some Thanksgiving cookies with the fam

Thanksgiving is so much about food, isn’t it? It must be the most “gourmet” holiday. So, desserts should be more than the Thanksgiving pie! A great activity that everyone will love and feel rewarded by (😉) is baking Thanksgiving-themed cookies. Choose one of the many recipes that combine several autumn flavors, like pumpkin, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, or apples, and your taste buds will know the holiday season has begun.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃