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What’s with the recent craze to send DATA top ups to Latin America and why do Latinos live longer than the rest? Here are the two hot Latino topics today. 

So, Latinos abroad prove to be healthier than the rest. OK, but why do they live longer than their USA fellows? Over 80 years old to be more specific. Sociologists and journalists call it the Latino Paradox and we found some good explanations to answer your question.

Talking about Latinos, there’s another hot topic on the expat market. :) Why all this craze to send DATA top ups to Latin America. We’ll dig deeper into the cause and effect, plus the options to send DATA top ups to Latin America  in seconds. Let’s take them in turn…

The Latino Paradox

The question has been in the air for a while now. Why do Latinos abroad live more than the rest around them, despite having more challenging jobs, less access to education and health services? Why, why, why?

Add to that one more. 16% of all the people living in the USA are first-generation Latinos abroad or of Latin American descent according to Wikipedia. Interesting social map, right? 

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According to Quora answers, there are about 4 reasons that explain the Latino Paradox.

  • Latinos moving abroad are younger expats. The Latino population coming to the USA, Canada, or other Immigration Paradises are definitely younger than other demographic groups.
  • Better health condition when immigrating. Hispanics generally have lower smoking rates than citizens in the USA. But are also famous for a better general health thanks to their initial background. The data relies on results in the first years after having moved to the USA.
  •  Strong and healthy Latinos are more likely to immigrate. That’s another theory… Plus, there’s another aspect of the same story. There’s the theory that first generation immigrants tend to return home when seriously ill. So, figures and statistics will not include them… 
  • Family ties. Some analysts believe that family ties amongst Latinos are much stronger than other ethnic groups, as well as the sense of community. We know that for sure, since we see regular support for relatives from Latino expats on Helping families back home and keeping bonds strong give Latinos a sense of belonging to a “good world”. Scientifically speaking that also contributes to stress release and high serotonin levels aka happiness. Where that leads? To health, both mental and physical.

DATA transfer craze. Why DATA top ups to Latin America

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Yes, another hot topic among Latino expats outside the motherland country. Why? Many Latinos already top up mobiles in Latin America for years. OK, great, we have that option of international mobile credit transfer! But most local operators were offering Voice and SMS local credit, and Latin America has good internet infrastructure and in terms of number of users it ranks #4 in the world after Asia, Europe and Africa. Can you see the issue? 

Did you know that 55% of Latin Americans were accessing the internet in 2017 ? Oh, and there’s the promise of 60.9% in 2019 according to several sources.

So, it was a matter of time to be able to send DATA from abroad back home to family and friends.

DATA top ups to Latin America. A real BOOM in 2019

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Look at the charts! More and more Latinos have been sending DATA top ups to Latin America in 2019. The trend is strongly ascendent. I mean strongly strong!

And many Latino operators understood the context and lined up to the DATA trend. Cubacel, Movistar, Claro Tigo, Telcel and Digicel were the first who started to offer “Paquetes” or data credit usage of top ups that mobile credit transfers coming from relatives abroad.

  • Cubacel DATA credit for Cubans
  • Claro Paquestes for people in Ecuador
  • Movistar Internet, Movistar Paquetes and Telcel DATA for Mexico
  • Digicel plan for El Salvador
  • Tigo Super Recarga for internet fans in Honduras

What countries accept DATA top ups from abroad?

Data top ups to Latin America are easy to make on or MobileRecharge app to: Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras and Cuba. Promotions are also running from time to time!

Let’s have a closer look what these DATA transfers include for those who need to send DATA top ups to Latin America.

Cubacel credit coming from abroad for internet usage

Cubans abroad send the holy Cubacel Bonus twice a month. Their relatives in Cuba can newly use the credit for internet too. Oh, and there’s Nauta of course for DATA credit in Cuba, but not mobiles, you know…

Cubacel print screen -Cubacel top ups

Movistar Internet top ups to Mexico

Over 17 mil Mexicans use the internet. So, smart enough Movistar Internet is now available on for anyone who wants to top up mobiles in Latin America. And Mexico is one of them.

Besides Movistar Internet, you can choose a mix of minutes, SMS and DATA by choosing Movistar Paquetes.

print screen – top ups to Mexico

You can send data to people in Mexico using Telcel by choosing Telcel Paquestes on The data credit gets to the Mexican number in seconds.

print screen – top ups to Mexico

Claro Paquetes. DATA credit for people in Ecuador

Print screen of website – top ups to Ecuador

Tigo Super Recarga to Honduras. DATA and more for relatives there!

Let’s see. The bundle includes Unlimited WhatsApp, 1 GB – 4 GB, plenty of minutes and even free calls to a fave in your Contacts.

Website print screen

Digicel Paquetes for your family in El Salvador

DATA to Latin America is now easy to send to El Salvador too, Digicel phone numbers more precisely.

website print screen – data top ups to El Salvador