What a top up app like MobileRecharge can do for you

Today, there are over 90 million expats in the big migration areas of the world. For them, “long-distance relationship” is part of the daily vocabulary. Fortunately, living in the 21st century gives us access to technology that reduces distance majorly. Plus, expats are highly adaptable to new lifestyles, and tech goodies.

There are smartphone apps that manage to take out “long-distance” from someone’s “long-distance relationship” reality. A top up app like MobileRecharge helps to send credit back home to friends and family. Other blessing apps for expats are the calling apps, especially those dwelling on VoIP that brings low rates. Then, there are money transfer apps, traveling apps, mail service apps for delivery of goods, and so on.

Let’s stick to what we know for sure! We made a list with the advantages that MobileRecharge app, as a top up app powered by MobileRecharge.com, brings to an expat.

#1 It helps you send mobile credit in seconds. It saves time for you!

Yes, one of the coolest things with MobileRecharge app is that the top up is instant or immediate. Fill in some basic details like the destination country, phone number of the prepaid phone you want to top up, and the operator, and you can proceed to payment. Very easy!

The credit gets to your friend or relative instantly. Voila!

#2 It works perfectly on the go

That’s the whole point with a top up app, or with apps, generally speaking. You may be a commuter, or you may be traveling. You may be on the bus or waiting in a metro station, or on your coffee break at work, you can get in the app and top up whatever mobile you need to top up. To make it the easiest way possible, you can use your phone Contacts. More details can be found at #5 in this list.

What we mean by “perfectly” is that you need to have a great Internet connection when you’re using it.

#3 It makes smartphones friendly

It may sound strange, for some, having a smartphone is already a big challenge. Apps make it even bigger. It is no rule that a top up app should be easy to use. No, no! But MobileRecharge has been conceived from the testing stage to be easily to use by inexperienced as well as experienced people. So, it is friendly, and once you know an easy top up app like that, you trust the process. Right?

Once we can play with an app, we find any app trustworthy, or at least we’re not afraid to get out of the tech comfort zone.

#4 It speaks your language… or an international one

If your language is Spanish, it speaks your language. The app is available in both English and Spanish. And Customer Support is available in English, Spanish, but also in French and Italian, German and Romanian, etc.

#5 Your phone Contacts are automatically imported

MobileRecharge app is FREE to install. Once you’ve done it, you log in for the first time. All your phone Contacts are imported automatically. The sole condition to be able to send them credit is to have the phone numbers saved in an international format.

#6 It updates all Daily Bonuses for you

Each day, with no exception, the app centralises all the mobile top up promotions running worldwide. So, you will only need to tap “Promotions”, hold your phone and watch the Bonus Offers rolling across your  smartphone’s screen.

#7 It keeps Your Records

MobileRecharge app is not only a fast top up app. It works as an organiser as well. All invoices stay in your account for good. All details are included: the phone number, how much you sent, the value of the processing fee, when you sent the amount, which operator, etc.

#8 It accepts any type of payment you use

When you use MobileRecharge app, you automatically have an account on MobileRecharge.com. The service accepts payment in any currency you have available, according to the currency of your bank account. Whether we’re talking about Rupees or Mexican dollars, that has no importance.

In terms of payment methods, all major cards are fine. Oh, and PayPal is another option. No problem!

If you wonder what’s the level of security, the answer is 100%. The service is certified as “Verified & Secured”


  • Many expats adapt quickly to the new lifestyle of their new home country, including the technology comfort that comes along. For expats, apps prove a powerful tool not only when it comes to games and expenses, but especially a blessing that takes out “long-distance” from their “long distance relationship” reality.
  • An app like MobileRecharge powered by MoibleRecharge.com helps someone living abroad send credit home to friends and family easily.
  • More apps that compensate for cuts in distance and absence include calling apps, money transfer apps, traveling apps, mail service apps for delivery of goods, and so on.
  • MobileRecharge is a top up app, especially dedicated to expats who need to keep in touch and satisfy different aspects of their relationships with their family and friends.
  • With MobileRecharge app, the order form is simple as ABC… so the top up app keeps things easy for you and saves time
  • The top up is instant, so the top up app saves time again
  • You can use it on the bus, while walking, anyhow… on the go, as long as you have 3G, 4G or Wi-fi connection.
  • It works perfectly if the Internet connection is great.
  • The app gives you access to all your invoices and recharge records.
  • Daily Bonuses are updated and displayed on and on.
  • You can send credit to any mobile number you have saved in your phone Contacts, given you have it saved in an international format.
  • It is friendly and it is a good app to start with, as an expat who has just been introduces to the mysteries of today’s tech.
  • Payment is flexible and safe for you, to keep relax. All major cards are accepted, any currency is OK, PayPal is OK too.