What YOU & us have been through together in 2016

If you ever wonder where time flies… well, we say time doesn’t fly. It turns into action, thoughts, words, and above all, it turns into experience. Many of us may think “How come 2016 happened so fast?” If you get the same impression, it means you were a busy bee all year long. But most probably, you enjoyed what you did.

2016But guess what you and us have been through this year!

#1 YOU had over 2500 Promotions to pick from

As you may have noticed, there have been daily promotions on MobileRecharge.com all year long. Sometimes more than 10 a day, sometimes lower than 10, so let’s say 7 / day on average. If we multiply 7 by 366 days in 2016, we get over 2500 promotions.

And of all these Promotions, 12 were Doble Bono or Triple BONO or Special Bonus for to Cuban expats’ families using Cubacel cell phones.

#2 WE celebrated Top Up Givers & Kindness

Remember November 10, 2016? We got together on Facebook to talk about YOU, our favourite givers. The MobileRecharge.com team created several videos about YOUR kindness to support families and friends with mobile credit. The whole idea was to make top up givers stand out in the generous crowd, where the most popular are charity people and organisations. But then we asked ourselves, does anyone see YOU, the silent helper?

On November 10, 2016, MobileRecharge.com team did their best efforts to drop the processing fee. But that was not all. YOUR kindness needed to go viral, so the team took some hours, locked themselves up in a meeting room and sent more than 100 top up to some of YOU, randomly picked.

#3 WE celebrated Homesickness for the first time in history

Most of MobileRecharge.com friends and customers are expats, which makes it a 90% expat community. So, it came naturally to join the first international day dedicated to that emotion most of YOU understand so well. We looked at it in our own way, a progressive way and drew the conclusion that what we miss is what we love. Which is good to know and good to hold!

Some of YOU sent us some videos telling the Facebook community what YOU miss about home in 2016.

#4 YOU applied for Santa’s ELF position

Remember the Facebook contest around Christmas? That was fun in 2016, wasn’t it?

When we declared ourselves Santa’s Official Partner with no false modesty attached, YOU were invited to candidate for the ELF position. 77 people confirmed that they:
-Love cinnamon & hot cocoa
-Have at least 3 years of carolling experience
-Look good in Green
-Master wrapping skills
-Fit a chimney
-Are not afraid of heights
-Are reindeer friendly

One of you made it in the final. Although many were well aware of their expertise and seasonal skills, one top up giver was picked by the wheel of fortune.

#5 WE shared our secret thoughts

That happened during another contest on Facebook, around Thanksgiving. One day, MobileRecharge.com team decided to spend Thanksgiving in a more playful way, or a way that makes sense to an expat who does not relate so easily to the holiday like a native. And we were so familiar with the feeling!


#6 WE turned YOUR life stories into videos

We read many of your stories onnTRustpilot.com and other review platforms. So, WE started turning YOUR touchy stories into videos to share and to praise. YOUR stories (testimonials, reviews) were so encouraging that gave us wings to fly the service on and on for you.

#7 YOUR feedback turned into a viral VIDEO

If you think your feedback is read in a hurry and put away… No way, Jose! You should know it doesn’t happen that way.

Every feedback is treated like any word in a face to face conversation. WE feel so proud when YOU tell us how useful MobileRecharge.com is for YOU. Or how it helps YOU and YOUR family. Really, that’s priceless information, because WE are sensitive creatures, and WE act like sensitive creatures.

WE jump in with solutions, when WE get your rare complains. The top up service on MobileRecharge.com is wisely built, so that everything has an explanation. There is no way we can’t find a reasonable solution or explanation to “what happened.”


Time doesn’t fly, if you were to ask us, the MobileRecharge.com team. It turns into experience. So, here is an X-Ray scan of what events we spent together in 2016: you and MobileRecharge.com team. We had promotions, fun personal contests, info and support, feedback and good vibe from YOU.


May you have the 2017 you wish!