How to find Good Deals for Christmas gifts with

Motto: Long distance relationships need short distance methods 

You probably know better what a hassle Christmas gifts can be when it comes to long distance relationships. These days, we kept hearing how tempting it is to solve it all with a smart pill: send mobile credit as a Christmas gift or part of the gift package. Good point, we said!  

This gave us an idea. Let’s put together what makes a good deal on for example, besides “cheap” or “affordable”. 

Facebook Contest Prize: 100% FREE top up

Elves WANTED!  The contest that is running on Facebook for all expats out there gives away a free top up. It can be mobile credit for the winner or someone in their family.

Just leave a comment with the elf that meets the description, you or a friend, on December 20 or 21, 2016, and you enter the race for a FREE TOP UP. The winner will be randomly picked the same week. Someone on your list with Christmas gifts may get a free top up from you.

Christmas giftsChoose an experienced service

By the way, after more than 10 years of experience, is Santa’s Official Partner. It comes naturally for those who are familiar to the service offered on Most of those who use it are expats who send mobile credit online to family and friends in their motherland, as a way to support them or surprise them with a fast delivery gift. Presents are Santa Claus’s specialty and online mobile credit transfers, especially from one country to another, are really useful gifts.

Mind security and fees & save big on Christmas gifts with Santa’s Official Partner

If you have a longer list to satisfy this holiday season and “long distance relationships” sounds familiar, gets you a smart deal in more than one way. On one hand it keeps you safe thanks to its Madmax security system. On the other hand, it applies the lowest processing fee on the global market for the delivery of the credit you transfer to a mobile abroad.

Stick to fast online delivery! No frozen nose!

When it comes to Christmas gifts and parents who live abroad, logistics leave you broken on New Year’s Eve, not to mention delivery time. Money transfers do not advertize Heaven either when it comes to costs and time costs. This is the truth.

So, then, many use the system on to send Christmas gifts because it is fast. Few seconds, more precisely. But you probably know it by now. Put yourself in Santa’s shoes, don’t you think he’d avoid cold weather and days of traveling if he could? Joking, but this is an inevitable season comparison…

If you’re new, we’ll say it again! The best news is that it only takes seconds to send MOBILE CREDIT to someone’s mobile abroad, whether a brother, granny, your mother, your lover or an old friend.

Daily Christmas gifts around the world

The craziest thing is that the Promotional wave of Bonuses does not stop around the white holiday. On the contrary.

We’ll have the best deals displayed on the Promotions page on the website. Up to 600% Bonus in store for certain destinations where the mobile top up goes! As usually, top ups to mobiles in Latin America will most probably be the most generous. But don’t underestimate Santa’s Official Partner in Christmas gifts business.

Wrap up… the Christmas gifts!

Long distance relationships need short distance methods, Christmas gifts included. To find deals does not only mean “cheaper”, which we do have (small fee, Bonuses), but also security, and time savings. See you on, the expat platform! Or come join the comment race on Facebook!