Top 20 most generous nations on

One of the most generous group we’ve known are Expats. In 2016, people using, no matter the nationality, sent mobile credit about twice a month on average, to their families and friends back home. That makes Expats kind of a generous top up category of givers, which we also pointed out on November 10. That is the Day we call World Top Up Day and that we celebrate every year in the name of long distance kindness.

Despite the general rule of generosity on (twice a month), any guesses who were the most generous ethnic groups in 2016? Please don’t say the Brits. We know they are famous for low tipping, although they are great volunteers.

So, looking back, some sent more mobile credit back home than others. Dominicans for example were more generous with their families back home than Indians or Mexicans were in 2016. Indians were more generous than Haitians, yet Nepalese were among the most generous. They took the second position in top 20 most generous expats in 2016.

With all the friendship for all top up givers and all nationalities we serve worldwide, here are the first 20 ethnic groups who excelled in generosity when they sent credit with in 2016.


  1. Dominicans
  2. Nepalese
  3. Cubans
  4. Jamaicans
  5. Mexicans
  6. Americans
  7. Ghanaians
  8. Hondurans
  9. Salvadorans
  10. Nigerians
  11. Indians
  12. Spanish
  13. Guatemalans
  14. Haitians
  15. Colombians
  16. Nicaraguans
  17. Tunisians
  18. Costa Ricans
  19. Afghanis
  20. Filipinos

It is not very clear to us, the team behind, why these differences between ethnic groups exist, but we have a slight idea what could make the difference:

  • Local fees are higher and thus a higher amount covers for a person’s needs.
  • These nations are just more generous by nature. Who knows?

All in all…

Expats of more than 150 nationalities took the opportunity to send mobile credit in seconds to their friends or families abroad, on That’s generosity from the start point, friends! This year, though, hearts opened easier for Dominicans and Nepalese, Cubans, Jamaicans, Mexicans and Americans, and the rest of the natives above.

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