Top 4 hard to forget things on World Top Up Day 2016

Motto: Kindness is viral. Pass it on!

Do you know how it feels to be kind? You sure do, because it’s viral. From moms to daughters, from daughters to brothers, and from brothers to colleagues… It grows and propagates.

Kindness was the keyword on the second World Top Up Day too, on November 10. The whole idea was to see the kindness in the customers of, most of them expats who support parents and friends with mobile credit.

World Top Up Day 2016 was dedicated to top up givers worldwide and was celebrated by thousands of expats in Canada, Australia, the USA, Europe and other parts of the world. It was a global reunion for kindness worth to be passed on, generally speaking, and mobile credit support from the distance for expats families.

MobileRecharge team, the initiators of the whole concept dropped all processing fees on November 10, just like last year, in order to support those willing to send credit to friends and families abroad with no extra costs. Moreover, MobileRecharge team themselves got together, locked the office and started to pick random customers to send them a top up surprise.

Morgan Freeman’s voice

Well, it was not Morgan Freeman himself, but a very good actor who can copy his voice. He was the narrator of the Video on Kindness and the power of passing it on.

100 top ups given away by MobileRecharge team

In order to help those willing to send credit to friends and families abroad, MobileRecharge team got together, locked the office and started to pick random customers to send them a top up surprise. 100 customers received a sudden free top up on November 10.

They were randomly picked to receive a top up themselves, after one year of generosity towards their family. Kindness is viral, we as MobileRecharge team have also learned how kind top up givers are with their families abroad and thought they also deserve a surprise. What else than a top up? Our specialty!

We took one hour to talk less and top up the mobiles of 100 of our customers. Hopefully they enjoy the treat!

Processing fees dropped on November 10

Exactly! Just like last year, MobileRecharge dropped the fees for top up senders.

New customers received a 10% Discount

People who were new to the service during the big World Top Up party got the chance to try it without paying any processing fee, plus getting something extra too. They practically had two ways to save on international top ups.

When you’re NEW, you’re also skeptical… So, a 10% OFF deal is more encouraging to understand why so many enjoy to send credit online with

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