FUN Thanksgiving contest: leave a comment & win a FREE TOP UP

It’s kind of puzzling to enjoy Thanksgiving in the USA if you’re not fully “one of them.” And this is why team breaks the ice with a FUN approach that changes the angle with this Thanksgiving contest.

OK, let’s be honest, expats feel a bit as outsiders when it comes to Thanksgiving which is such an American holiday. So, around this time, expats told us they start to swim into a pool of mixed feelings. And this is what most of fans and customers go through around November 24.

On the one hand Thanksgiving is about family gatherings, and in most cases, expats’ families are away. On the other hand, the days OFF come with plenty of spare time that cannot be spent with the family.

That’s why came with the fun idea of hosting a Thanksgiving contest that makes you, the expat, a good and daring guest on Thanksgiving.

Who would you invite to your Thanksgiving dinner?

  • Use your imagination, we’ve been serious enough. The person you think about to fill in your party of friends can be a friend, a famous person, the president, a cartoon character or anyone you find interesting or fun for a Thanksgiving contest comment.
  • Leave a comment with your answer on Facebook page on November 24, 2016.

Thanksgiving CONTEST prize: a free top up for you or someone in your family

Thanksgiving contest“The winner takes it all,” as Abba used to sing.

One of those who leave a comment to the Thanksgiving contest post on Facebook will get a 100% FREE TOP UP wherever he or she wants. The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 24, 2016. Just before Black Friday, we’ll have the winner picked randomly using a smart online tool.

The prize is most useful for someone willing to send some mobile credit to a family member or a friend still living back in the motherland. No matter the distance, a free top up can be sent to any of the countries in the dropdown. It takes few seconds only.

Why people send mobile credit abroad to families & friends

There are mainly 3 reasons we keep hearing from our fans. And we thank them for their honesty!

  1. Family support the easiest and fastest way on the planet.
  2. Spare family members of walking or even traveling to the store in some countries like Nepal.
  3. Gifts that can be sent easily in seconds, online.


We meet as a community and have some fun time together. And you also get the chance to win a free mobile top up for someone in your family or a friend, or why not, for yourself. We’ll deliver the winner a 100% discount coupon and all other necessary details to redeem one’s Thanksgiving contest prize. Deal? So, join the Thanksgiving contest NOW.

Anyone who leaves a comment has equal chances to WIN a 100% FREE TOP UP for a friend or a relative! Cool, right? The winner will be picked randomly and announced on Thursday.