Thousands of expats worldwide joined World Top Up Day to celebrate giving!

If you missed the launching of Apollo 11, you didn’t miss this day! On November 10, 2015 we started celebrating givers and allow top up givers the place they deserve in the giving world of the kind hearted. It was for the first time in history, and it was loud. And many of you joined the event to be part of it too. Congrats!

Why all the fuss and buzz?

Because someone needed to come out of the underground charity and graffiti friendship zone.

Our givers are not famous donators, nor charity key figures. They are simple people with big hearts and strong nature. We’re talking about fans. They are all givers. They support their families and friends back home with different things, including mobile credit from the distance. And this is where jumps in to help. Most of them are courageous and adaptable expats and that’s why we say they’re strong.

Remember the cause!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 18.27.17We made it all come true on World Top UP Day, so thank you every ONE of you for getting involved, spreading the word and trusting the cause! On November 10, thousands of expats worldwide celebrated World Top Up Day for the first time in History. The day was from the get go dedicated to an anonymous category of givers people don’t really talk about and organisations don’t boast about at all. But those who made place for on the long-distance transfer of goods market ARE AMONG THE MOST GENEROUS FELLOWS AND LADIES we know.  

Zero profit!

For the first time in history, thousands of expats worldwide were rewarded for being generous. No fees whatsoever applied to any transaction on Besides the fact that applies the lowest processing fees generally and has daily promotions, on World Top Up Day it gave up ALL its profit for one day as a gift to those who share so easily with their families and friends. 

Congrats to the new top up givers!

Whether you are originally from the countries below or not, congrats! New entries in the long-distance giving game include the 10 countries in givingthe list below. Thousands of people there welcomed top ups from abroad like never before on World Top Up Day.  It was a boom that makes us all proud and the new destinations famous:

  • South Africa
  • France
  • Saint Lucia
  • Bolivia
  • Cameroon
  • Singapore
  • Nicaragua
  • Tunisia
  • Afghanistan

Save the day!

November 10, 2016.

We don’t know about next year’s surprise, but we know we’ll feel the same about givers worldwide and we’ll bring them up again in the public eye. So see you then, and keep giving if your HEART SAYS SO.