5 smashing offers for international top ups: domestic & international calls, plus social networking giveaways


Motto: Small gifts that make a big difference!

Why we say that top ups are “small gifts that make a big difference” is because we have in mind real people and real life stories. Great material for movie scripts if you were to ask us! There’s another reason for “small gifts,” and thus in this article we’ll try to centralize all great long-term offers in December to help you save big money on your international top up gifts.  

How big is the difference a mobile top up makes?

Getting back to the why’s, picture this! There are people who spend few seconds online with MobileRecharge.com in order to spare someone else hours of walking in the mountains just to get to the far local store to buy a calling card to refill their SIM (Rashda’s story). Or other people like Roland, originally from Ghana, who helps his wife to call him back by adding credit to her number in Ghana. Or think about people traveling who save time by loading their SIM online while being in a town or country they do not know. They avoid running through the town for calling cards or top up street shops, and instead refill their local SIM online in few seconds. This is a simple way to feel protected and relaxed and able to focus on something more important.

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#1 Cubans spend 20 CUC to send 60 CUC to their families’ Cubacel mobiles

Early Santa for Cubans and their relatives! If Doble Bono used to be the big fish in the pond of offers for Cubans away from Cuba and their relatives, Triple Bono is the new hero in the house, well… lake. Cuban expats can now send 200% BONUS when they send $20-$50 mobile credit to Cubacel mobiles in Cuba. The offer is on between 7 -11 December, 2015. This is a great chance to save money on gifts to Cuba, and generally on top ups to Cubacel.

According to everyone’s pocket depth, inborn gift enthusiasm or budget, there are 3 options:
-Send 60 CUC and pay 20 CUC
-Send 90 CUC and pay 30 CUC
-Send 150 CUC and pay 50 CUC

Any recharge between 20 CUC and 50 CUC will receive a triple bonus (3x). The promotional balance can be used until
February 29th, 2016 (23:59 EST).


#2 FREE national & international calling credit for Hondureños’ families


Hondureños get to send FREE EXTRA credit to their families and friends in Honduras, if they top up a Tigo mobile there by the end of the month. In order to grab the offer, one needs to send at least The credit can be used for national & international calls to the USA and Canada.

The Bonus applies to certain numbers on certain days. To check on which days you should make a recharge this December, check this page.


#3 Ecuadorians have 100% FREE & EXTRA credit on their top ups to Movistar mobiles in Ecuador

MR_latinHow far away are you from Ecuador, the closest country to space and the first UNESCO World heritage site?  Actually, it doesn’t matter. Because, wherever you are, you can top up a Movistar, Tigo or Cnt mobile.

And if you go for a Movistar number, then a Bonus applies by the end of the year: 100% more Movistar credit available for the following 7 days.


#4 Jamaicans’ relatives & friends get Data Plan Bonus or domestic and international calls

Every time a Jamaican expat sends more than $30 mobile credit to a Digicel prepaid number in Jamaica this December, the number in Jamaica automatically gets 1024 MB for Internet usage. Known as the “bonus data plan,” it needs to be activated within the next 3 days after having been received. And no worries, the Bonus credit takes the minimum 15 minutes to be applied to account. More details can be found on the website. jamaica.mobilerecharge.com/buy/mobile_recharge?utm_source=MRblog&utm_medium=offer&utm_campaign=dec_offer_PR

To check the bonus credit balance, you should dial *130*15#.

Also, the Bonus credit can be used for local Digicel-to-Digicel calls, and also includes International Plan destinations of USA, Canada and China, and landlines only in the UK and Spain (i.e. India not included). Bonus applicable only to GSM mobile Top Up, not Broadband Top Ups. Bonus credit cannot be used for SMS, MMS or other data services.

#5 Up to MXN $500 & social networking as a gift on top ups to Telcel mobiles in Mexico

MR_scenario2_latinoMexicans are great gift-givers and courageous travelers. As early as 2007, there were over 10 million Mexicans outside the country, and many of these are all season Santa Claus to their families and friends back home in Mexico.

This offer is for them, or better… their folks, lovers and buddies in Mexico who use a Telcel mobile.  They get the following Bonus by January 19: local and national calls in Mexico to any landline, Telcel or other Mobile Operators, as well as text messages (national SMS) and National Internet use.

More specifically, what Telcel users get is up to MXN $500 Bonus credit on a top up of USD $50, or a minimum Bonus of MXN $80 for a USD $10 top up from abroad. The minimum Bonus is valid for 30 days, while the maximum of MXN $500 for 60.

Besides the Telcel credit, everyone gets social networking access on Facebook and Twitter.

There are more options in between:

  • For top ups of USD $15, customers will receive a promotional balance of MXN $200, that will expire in 60 days.
  • For top ups of USD $20, customers will receive a promotional balance of MXN $300. Promotional bonus will expire in 60 days.
  • For top ups of USD $30, customers will receive a promotional balance of MXN $300. Promotional bonus will expire in 60 days.
  • For top ups of USD $50, customers will receive a promotional balance of MXN $500. Promotional bonus will expire in 60 days.


Remember this!

Honest offers are the jackpot when it comes to saving money and boosting the surprise if the ultimate use is to “trade” it on as a gift. Those who use MobileRecharge.com frequently know that it hosts the best deals on the market, all in one basket. So, to make things easier, we put all long-term deals together for you above.

Posted by MobileRecharge.com on Friday, December 4, 2015