How to send the best Cubacel bonus in March

Watch out for Cubans abroad! If you feel they are too generous with their folks back home in Cuba, it’s not only that they are born and raised generous, but the Cubacel bonuses they get for their top ups to Cuba are spectacular. And in March the Cubacel saga goes on. If you’re a Cuban in Miami, somewhere in Canada or new on some coast in Australia, you must be hunting for the best Cubacel bonus. Here it is. But there’s some talk around the it…

In March, the best Cubacel bonus is 130 CUC extra, for FREE. Yes, that true! Wow! That bonus applies if you send 85 CUC with Much more than the “doble bono” that used to be so popular among Cubans abroad for a while. What happens now is that the team behind worked some engineering to make the best out of the current Cubacel promo as it comes from the “factory.” They split your 85 CUC in 2 separate top ups to drag the most out of the Cubacel bonus. That’s why, your friend or family member in Cuba may get the bonuses at a time difference of minutes. No worries! The best Cubacel bonus is on it way in cascade. ;)

Obviously, there is a whole collection to choose from, not only 85 CUC orders. But we recommend…

The second best Cubacel bonus is 100 FREE EXTRA CUC that apply for any top up of 65 CUC for someone in Cuba.

OK, guys and ladies, don’t panic if you saved less for this Cubacel promo!
There is also a budget best Cubacel bonus. You can order 35 CUC, and your Papá or mom will 75 CUC altogether.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash


This month, the Cubacel promo is running from March 12 to March 17. As a Cuban abroad you pay from 20 – 85 CUC to get the Cubacel bonus for your relatives in Cuba. Each will bring them considerable extra credit:
20 CUC you pay + 30 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 50 CUC
25 CUC you pay + 40 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 65 CUC
35 CUC you pay + 40 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 75 CUC
45 CUC you pay + 70 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 115 CUC
65 CUC you pay + 100 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 165 CUC
85 CUC you pay + 130 CUC bonus => beneficiary gets 215 CUC

You can figure out what suits you best. But what we can tell you is that there are some values that rock!

Orders of 45 CUC, 65 CUC, 85 CUC bring the best Cubacel bonus this March. But for lower budgets a 20 CUC order is also cool.

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