11 most important things top up customers cannot live without

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“I can’t live without my little dog, Olive”, said a MobileRecharge fan on Facebook when asked about the 5 things that she couldn’t live without. The challenge was addressed to all top up customers on Facebook celebrating World Top Up Day 2019.

Statistically speaking most important things in life for top up customers worldwide move around family and partners, technology and internet, sun, love, books and spirituality, and of course, air and food. Makes sense, right?

1. Family

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Sounds familiar? :) Well, family is the alpha time of life, the comfort zone. But for many top up customers it’s the credit destination too. Whether small or extended, it gives one a sense of belonging that makes safety possible. EzineArticles talks about the “Importance of Family in our Life” points out the family support in relationship building and career. But also, the sense of belonging that shapes identity, that many expats become aware when moving abroad.

The importance of family is probably realized when one went to holiday or celebrate an occasion without family members.

2. Water & Air

You are 60% water, and babies are 70%… basically almost like fish.

Many top up customers who took the challenge around World Top Up Day in November answered “water”. Don’t “oh, come on…” it. That’s a serious business, without getting into the apocalyptic mood, here’s something you may not be aware yet. “Have a nice glass of water” could pass as a good greeting!

Here’s a video that unfolds how much water we’ve got in each body part.

3. Food

Yes, it’s more than love, it’s a need. In the challenge we launched in November on Facebook no one answered “sugar”. Thanks goodness! Top up customers know the dark side of that food accessory. We had a “Dark chocolate” comment, but that is a good point. Because it means less sugar, more cocoa and that is full of Mg.

And, there’s no realistic talk about food and ageing without having the famous ageing scientist David Sinclair from Harvard explaining the relationship and how fasting can reverse a bit the process.

The paradox is that we need food to live, yet food makes us age. Oh nooo! What we can do is take note of what foods age us faster… Annette Joseph-Walker, one of our top up customers on Facebook confesses: “Seafood”. She could not live without it. Even if you take it as a metaphor, it makes a good point in the talk about ageing. We’ll leave you google it…

Food for thought

Just like water, air is essential for humans and nearly all living organisms out there. BUT if you can find an Oxygen molecule generator and connect it to your cells directly, you wouldn’t need to breathe air any longer. OMG, right?

4. My phone, technology & gadgets

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Do you know there’s a name for that when it comes to mobile phones? Nomophobia. It’s the fear of being without your mobile phone. Totally understandable! We’re humans in the 21st century, and a smartphone is much more than a simple phone.

The Telegraph revealed a study about the necessity of having your smartphone on you. 66% confessed they were suffering from this syndrome.

The best test to check that about you is to leave your phone at home. So?

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As for other gadgets… that’s a private affair. Personal rituals and behaviour decides that. It could be a blender for your juicy breakfast or a smartwatch, a CD player if you’re an old school music lover or a drawing tablet if that’s your job. Leave a comment with your hard-to-live-without gadget. We’re curious.

5. Yep, spirituality & money

Somehow they don’t go hand in hand. Yet, they amount to the same number of votes. Seems like a historical panorama… Some top up customers leaving a comment said “My soul, my heart” or “God.” But we’re sure that we all have a theory about us being here on Earth and any existential question leads nowadays to scientific+ grounds and spiritual mathematics and intuitive exploration of life, the unseen included.

6. Friends

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Top up customers, fashion lovers, paint ball fans… we all need friends in our lives. And that’s why it falls on the 5th position. We have friends since childhood. Because the community drive is strong for safety reasons, sharing and thus growth.

So basically, friends are people you have by default a good relationship with, unlike family that is a given. They are people to lean on when you need help, who get you, you can be independent around, and share your joy and sorrows with.

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Also, unlike many family members, they break it down for you as an equal. And when the context allows, they pay small compliments, stand by in the important moments, don’t have a bag full of expectations. These are probably the people who tell you first that “you deserve better”. You are your best version of you for them.

7. My pet

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“I can’t live without my dogs” or “my cat.” We could hear that often among our top up customers. It may be a bit “too much” for those who are not pet owners, but the truth is the pet becomes more than an animal. Thus, part of the family. And once the connection gets stronger, it’s a living being with personality.

Plus, the benefits of this relationship for both sides are huge. According to the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention, people with pets are more fit. Also, spending time with their doggie friends for example can lower stress thanks to the happy mood they create around them. Need more technical words? Decreased blood pressure. Decreased cholesterol levels. And top up customers know that too!

8. Sun

We don’t use photosynthesis like green plants, yet we have a huge positive reaction to the sun. Why? Despite the harmful effect on the skin of lying too much in the sun, the right balance of sun gives us pleasure…

The explanation is simple: sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in your brain, exposure to sun serotonin, to darkness melatonin.

Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. — Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD, What are the benefits of sunlight, Healthline.com, May 25, 2018

Next time you get a strange mood and you blame it on the weather, you might actually be right. Low levels of serotonin can cause a form of depression, as a result of less exposure to the sun and changing seasons.

10. Books & internet

Books and Internet are time machines. But is this the only reason we like them so much?

Our top up customers didn’t explain why they love books when taking the challenge on Facebook, but we have an idea why people generally do.

31 answered the question “Why do you love book?” on Quora. And we found out some of the reasons:

  • Ability to traverse time; experience is possible without physical & time limitations
  • Knowledge; we’re curious being and need to get our info fast these days
  • Storytelling; each of us is a storyteller at heart
  • Entertainment
  • New perspectives
  • Price – satisfaction ratio is great 
  • Privacy 
  • Imagination stimulator
  • Smell good, feel good :)

What about the internet? You tell us! 😜

11. Mobile Recharge

Confirmed! Every 2 seconds a new mobile recharge goes through to family abroad or our top up customers’ phones.

Mobile recharge or online airtime is the fastest way (literally the fastest) to support someone from the distance. Because sending money may take a few minutes, hours or days, which is not the case on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge free app

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So, the transaction is done in less than 1 minute, no contract attached.

  1. Fill in the online form by simply selecting / choosing an item to populate the field.
  2. Tap “Continue” to proceed to payment (Visa, Mastercard or PayPal)



Here’s the rest of the list, just as you like it:

  • Love
  • Beach & sand
  • Mom
  • My kid
  • Home
  • Work
  • Life (logically true!)
  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Freedom
  • Promotions

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